Mike Evans restructures contract to create more than $9.5 million in cap space

Getty Images

The Buccaneers have done plenty of shopping this year. They now have some cap space that will allow them to do more, if they want.

According to PewterReport.com, receiver Mike Evans has restructured his deal to create $9.625 million in cap space.

Evans was due to earn a base salary of $16.75 million this year. He dropped his base salary to $4 million, with the remaining $12.75 million converted to guaranteed per-game roster bonuses.

Usually, the money from a restructuring becomes a signing bonus. In this case, that would be much better for Evans, since he will lose some of that money if games aren’t played.

He would have lost it anyway, if the deal hadn’t been re-done.

The Buccaneers reportedly had roughly $2.1 million in cap space before signing running back Leonard Fournette. Evans’ restructured deal will leave them with roughly $9 million in cap space.