Raiders trade 2020 third-rounder Lynn Bowden to Dolphins

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The Raiders made Lynn Bowden a third-round pick in April, but he won’t make his NFL debut as a member of the team.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Raiders have traded Bowden and a sixth-round pick to the Dolphins for a fourth-round pick. The fourth-round pick is the same one that the Raiders sent to Miami for linebacker Raekwon McMillan last week.

Bowden finished up his time at Kentucky as the school’s starting quarterback, but he was a wide receiver and returner earlier in his stint at the school. He was slated to play running back with the Raiders, although Saturday’s move makes it clear that they prefer to roll with others in the backfield.

It remains to be seen how the Dolphins plan to deploy Bowden. Jordan Howard and Matt Breida were the top backs on the roster heading into the weekend.

12 responses to “Raiders trade 2020 third-rounder Lynn Bowden to Dolphins

  1. This is bad news off the field, and it’s only a matter of time before he does something REALLY stupid and gets suspended. Raiders wise to dump him

  2. Another wasted draft pick and not a QB in sight for the Vegas landfill dwellers!

  3. Good move by the Raider’s. They should have fired him when that incident went down in Youngstown Ohio. To get two pick’s for him is genius. Mayock fleeced them.

  4. Aye i kinda respect the move tbh.

    I rather get something for him while he still has value than suffer through mediocre play for 2 years and waive him for nothing.

    Raiders got a LB out of it that was probably better than any LB prospect there in the 3rd round anyway so as madden like as the move was i call it a win.

  5. Another transaction blunder for Gruden and Mayok. They’re starting to get really good at that

  6. Been some strange use of second and third round picks with Gruden in charge. Can’t remember this high of a pick making it only one month. I guess it’s best to acknowledge a mistake early, rather than double down.

  7. Thats why teams hire real GMs and let them do their job. Giving up on a 3rd round pick before he ever plays? So many good prospects in this past draft for that to be happening with any teams 1st-3rd round picks.

  8. So the Raiders trade their third pick and their sixth pick for a 4th??? Wow, this is not a good look for Mayock and company. Basically, they whiffed on their 80th pick from this spring with no production to show for it. Same old Raiders. 6-10 coming up.

  9. As a Phins fan I actually like the move. This kid and a six round pick for Raekwon who was getting cut anyways… Bowden has potential to be quite a playmaker in the NFL.

  10. All I’m reading about is that this kid is more concerned about having fun than becoming a professional football player. He doesn’t appear to be a Brian Flores type of player. Time will tell.

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