Bears have no buyer’s remorse after Nick Foles fails to win starting job

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The Bears could have signed Cam Newton or Philip Rivers or Teddy Bridgewater or Andy Dalton or Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota or . . . in free agency. Instead, they sent a fourth-round draft choice to the Jaguars for Nick Foles, giving him a three-year, $24 million contract.

For that, they begin 2020 where they finished in 2019. Mitchell Trubisky remains the Bears’ starting quarterback.

Coach Matt Nagy was asked Sunday whether the team had buyer’s remorse.

“No, not at all,” Nagy said, via Jason Lieser of Chicago Sun-Times.

Foles and Nagy spent the offseason using phrases like “right at home” and “riding a bike” when referring to the quarterback’s familiarity with the offense. Nagy was a quality control coach in Philadelphia in 2012 when Foles played for the Eagles, and four years later, the two were together again in Kansas City when Nagy was the offensive coordinator.

Yet, both admitted Sunday that a lack of on-field work in the offseason and no preseason hurt Foles.

“Because of circumstances of having less time on the field . . . now that I look back, I think that that probably affected some things,” Nagy said. “I think there is some of that there.

“With some time, I think he could have been in situations where he performed [better] and really it could’ve went one way or the other. But it didn’t. That’s where we’re at.”

Three weeks of practice, as it turns out, wasn’t enough for Foles in the offense. He will begin the season as the backup to Trubisky. It doesn’t mean he will stay the backup all season.

“I felt good out there,” Foles said. “Was I where I want to be? No, I wasn’t, but that’s not based on footwork or anything else. That’s based on the other circumstances that are out of your control, where, you are moving your family; you’re with a new offense; and you’re with new players.

“You really get a great time in the spring to go through OTAs and get those cobwebs out. That’s not an excuse. That’s just a reality of it all.”

15 responses to “Bears have no buyer’s remorse after Nick Foles fails to win starting job

  1. They have too much invested in Mitch to give Foles the job unless it wasn’t close. Given all the things he’s talking about like learning a new offense, moving, Covid, etc., it was bound to be at least close. Definitely could see him coming in after they yank Trubisky.

  2. It was this front offices only move after where they drafted him. A lot easier to mid season give up on Mitch and move to Nick compared to vice versa.

  3. Foles will be starting by mid season. Theyare just giving Trubisky one last shot before they throw in the towel. In fact Foles probably had the better camp.

  4. Mitch Trubisky is a good young QB who’s already won a ton of NFL games, and he’s still very young and still maturing. In 2018 he went 11-3 in 14 starts. You have to be pretty good to do that. I’ve seen teams give up on young QB’s like Drew Brees, Steve Young, Jim Plunkett, Brett Favre, etc., only to watch those guys mature into super bowl winning HOF QB’s with another team. So the Bears have a good young starter, and a great backup who’s capable of coming in and leading a team to a world championship. Both QB’s are familiar with Nagy’s system. If you think it’s easy to bring in a strange QB and teach him a new system without any pre-season, I think you’re kidding yourself. Who knows, in three weeks from now Foles could be the starter. Foles is a true professional who’s always going to be prepared, and he’ll never rock the boat. The Bears are in good shape. If most teams got their starting QB’s injured it would be the end of their season. The Bears are in position to withstand that kind of blow. And besides, Nick Foles has the same number of playoff wins (4) as do Newton, Bridgewater, Dalton, Winston, and Mariota combined. Philip Rivers has started 224 NFL games, and only has 5 playoff wins. Foles has 48 NFL starts and 4 playoff wins, including a super bowl. So we’re not talking about bringing in Joe Montana.

  5. Wish Foles the best. Hoping Trubisky plays lights out and commands respect.

    If he doesn’t, the Bears are in worse shape than we think.

  6. Foles is a really good back up Qb. I told you this when everyone wanted Philly to get rid of Wentz. I told you this when everyone said the Jaguars were making the playoffs with Foles.

  7. Bears have been a mess under Nagy and the GM…they are wishy-washy with most of the personnel decisions. That’s just my observation.

  8. Larry, Moe and Curly. What a joke. Anyone who understands the game has known from the draft day that Trubisky isn’t smart enough to be a franchise QB

  9. Whats a Head Coach going to say “Yeah, we screwed up and wasted a lot of money. We expect to be fired at the end of the season.”

    They have to hope the team rebounds, which thanks to the ineptness of the GM (Ryan Pace) wont happen.

  10. I’m afraid Trubisky is much more comparable to Blake Bortles, Marcus Marriotta or Christian Ponder that Drew Brees, Brett Favre or Jim Plunkett. After 3 league years, anyone with football knowledge knew where those 6 players stood.

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