Eagles add Josh McCown to practice squad

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Josh McCown isn’t done in the NFL just yet.

McCown, the 41-year-old veteran quarterback, is signing with the Eagles’ practice squad, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

As part of an unusual agreement, the Eagles are allowing McCown to continue living in Texas. But he’ll stay in shape and in touch with the Eagles’ game plan, and they can call on him in an emergency. If a COVID-19 outbreak should hit the Eagles’ quarterback room, having McCown available could be a game-saver.

McCown will be by far the oldest player ever to participate on an NFL practice squad. In the past, practice squads were the domain of young and inexperienced players, but this year the NFL allowed teams to sign up to four practice squad players with unlimited experience. McCown’s experience is virtually unlimited; his pro career has seen him go from Arizona to Detroit to Oakland to Miami to Carolina to the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League to San Francisco to Chicago to Tampa Bay to Cleveland to the New York Jets and then last year to the Eagles. And now he’ll have a new experience, staying home in Texas while serving on the Eagles’ practice squad.

21 responses to “Eagles add Josh McCown to practice squad

  1. What a great professional. You don’t have to be the fastest or strongest to play 15 years in the NFL. Being a smart player and great teammate goes a long way to being a backup QB. Never a negative word about him.

  2. He’s actually a pretty good QB. Josh never could reach the highest level the best NFL QBs can play at when theyre “on.” But his consistency, calm under pressure, and tremendous understanding what what he can and cant do, made him one of the most reliable and effective QBs to have for any NFL team. He’s the PERFECT backup, and not a bad starter either.

    And, hes a consummate professional. Josh truly makes the other QBs on his team more efficient by just being at practice and in the meetings. Every team can benefit by having a Josh McCown

  3. What a great way to collect a paycheck. Stay at home and throw a few passes to the kids in the neighborhood.

  4. Glad to see the Eagles are spending energy getting McCown under their wing while we are MISSING the entire side of our offensive line. How about you grab 5 or 6 offensive lineman and stash them away!

  5. McCown is a true professional and tough as they come. Most wouldn’t be able to walk after a hamstring tear. He finished an NFL playoff game. Guy has stones.

  6. The problem with him is that he never elevates his teams. He’ll put up great stats…and still lose. He’s done that everywhere he’s been. As a mentor, what quarterbacks has he made better? I’m waiting…

  7. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    September 6, 2020 at 4:23 pm
    Glad to see the Eagles are spending energy getting McCown under their wing while we are MISSING the entire side of our offensive line. How about you grab 5 or 6 offensive lineman and stash them away!

    Yea let’s stash away 5 or 6 guys on roster spots that aren’t any better than the guys we currently have and already know the offense. Great idea. Maybe the 1 guy from cincy that just got cut, cordy glen, but even if they sign him, thats just 1. So what 5 or 6 guys are you gonna cut from the current 53 to bring in the new guys that won’t even play? And who are these linemen that are just randomly available right before week 1 starts?

  8. greenanxiety says:
    September 6, 2020 at 4:41 pm
    The final Piece…

    2 2 Rate This
    Comprehension: “Will stay on ps as 4th emergency Qb”

  9. Good for them. He’s a worst case backup who is somewhat capable. I hope they have him involved in game planning and grooming for a coach? Practice squad salary is negligible for the team. Seems smart to me.

  10. Look I don’t want to see a player “blackballed” for lack of better. But let’s go back to Mr Aaron Brooks shall we. There wasn’t a public outcry for him.

  11. Caliz: As George Thorogood would say “ everybody a little funny, now you funny too”. One bourbon, one shot, one beer.. 🥃 🥃 🍺

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