Lions sign Adrian Peterson

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Adrian Peterson is returning to the NFC North.

The Lions are signing Peterson, according to multiple reports.

Peterson played most of his career in the division with the Vikings before his career went on the long journey that has had stops in New Orleans, Arizona and Washington.

The Lions have used second-round picks on running backs Kerryon Johnson and D'Andre Swift in recent drafts, and have also taken a third-day running back in each of the last three drafts. Despite that youth movement at the position, they’re now turning to Peterson, the second-oldest running back in the NFL. Johnson has had trouble staying healthy during his time in Detroit, and Swift’s rookie training camp has had injury concerns as well.

Peterson is fifth in NFL history in career rushing yards, with 14,216. In fourth place is Lions great Barry Sanders, with 15,269 career rushing yards. There’s now a chance that Peterson could pass Sanders, while wearing a Lions uniform.

26 responses to “Lions sign Adrian Peterson

  1. I’d be LION to you if I told you NFL players sign with DETROIT because they love the game and their skills are still high. It’s actually a little severance before retirement. Sign with Detroit or retire? How bout both!

  2. So he only needs a 1000 yard plus season to top Barry? Question is will he pout if he’s not playing enough

  3. Smart move on his part. They have nobody worth crap including swift. He will show out in Detroit with Matt as his QB.

  4. Wonder how life long Lions fans will feel about it if the Lions hand the team record to a career long adversary. I know how I’d feel about it, especially in this case given this mans criminal record, which no one talks about anymore.

  5. The franchise really could use some feel good stories. This doesn’t feel like it – but hoping for the best.

  6. suicidalionsfan says:
    September 6, 2020 at 10:25 am
    Yeah, all your Lions were missing was a 35 year old Adrian Peterson to get them there. Tell me again about Matt Patricia’s record.

  7. nothing says “lack of confidence in the guys you’ved drafteed” like going and signing an aged Adrian Peterson 1 week before the season

  8. Not sure about all of the hate and negativity here but Good signing by the Lions! Go AP!!!

  9. I’d question if he fits the Lions’ offensive system, but at this point I wonder if he fits within any modern NFL offense. Still wish him and the Lions all the best at least 14 times this year.

  10. Power move by Barry Saunders. He will make sure Adrian never sees the field and thus never passes him.

  11. Adrian has money issues. The guy has made so much bank in his career and is still throwing it away. I’m not saying the because he sighed with the lions. Kudos though for being 35 and probably more fit than a lot of players and still wanting to improve his play.

  12. The Vikings must feel like this is the one that got away. After paying Peterson for two years to do nothing, then rewarding him with a raise when he returned and demanded their respect, you’d think he’d be more than willing to take league minimum for the privilege of playing for the Vikings. That’s how deep they are with each other. They loved each other. They were meant for each other. Peterson belongs on the Vikings.

  13. It’s the only offer he got… 2 other teams were interested but not until after week 1 was over.

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