With two years of guaranteed pay left, Josh Rosen opted for a shot at stability

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Buccaneers quarterback Josh Rosen had options. Those options included opportunities to join a team’s active roster. So why did he pick the Tampa Bay practice squad?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rosen saw the Buccaneers as giving Rosen a shot a stability — after two years of being one-and-done with the Cardinals and Dolphins.

He has a chance to learn the Tampa Bay playbook, to reunite with former Cardinals quarterbacks coach and, eventually, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, and to develop without having to worry about the weekly possibility of being on the game-day roster or not being on the game-day roster. Bruce Arians is also the first offensive head coach Rosen has had during his college or pro careers.

With compensation fully guaranteed under his rookie deal through 2021, money wasn’t an issue. The question became the right fit, with the potential to stick around. As long as Leftwich is there, Rosen presumably will have that opportunity to learn and to grow and now he gets to do so directly by studying the greatest quarterback of all time, a guy who has three years left at most.

After Tom Brady goes, Rosen could be ready and step right in, still in his 20s and with plenty of football left in the tank.

So instead of take a less stable opportunity on the 53-man roster, Rosen opted for stability and a certain amount of familiarity for the next phase of a career that finally has given him a chance to make a decision about where he will work. Knowing that he’ll get the balance of his compensation for the two years left on his rookie contract made that a lot easier to do.

17 responses to “With two years of guaranteed pay left, Josh Rosen opted for a shot at stability

  1. I hope he gets a chance to play in the NFL with an actual pro football team. For once I wouldnt mind a guy leaving my Phins and lighting it up somewhere else. As long as its not in the AFC East.

  2. although i am not positive of this-next year if he is not on the 53 man roster at the end of training camp he would have to go on waivers again. just a thought

  3. A first round pick that has been on 3 teams and still on his rookie contract. Anyone really believe he’s going to magically become a starter or even a quality backup? The Cardinals knew it after the first year and bailed. The Dolphins couldn’t even get a draft pick.

  4. I just want this guy to get a legit chance to prove himself. Who knows, he could get the opportunity to be the qb of the future at Tampa

  5. Rosen has had a different offensive coordinator every year since his freshman year at college. How does he keep learning new systems? There’s no guarantee he’ll step in to take over for Brady either since they may be looking elsewhere

  6. I hope he has his ego in check and we can all see if the kid actually has any talent.

  7. smart move. this is someone who loves the game and wants to play, not in it for the money or some type of cause.

  8. The key word is chance. The guy just wants a chance. That’s all anyone can ask for. So far, he hasn’t had one. He knows he’s been the best QB on both teams that let him go. I don’t blame him one bit. Bruce Arians is a pretty stable guy. Arians and Rosen have something in common. They both just want to win. Rosen figures he has the best opportunity working with someone that seriously just wants to win, and will play the best players.

  9. He’s had a pretty rough start to his career situation-wise. So, the stability makes sense. He has all the tools but his decision making at UCLA could be highly suspect and it makes you wonder how much he understands the mental aspects of it. A few years with a guy like Arians could be just what he needs.

  10. Reminds me a bit of the Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers situation. It paid off huge for AR to sit and learn for a few years.

  11. charliecharger says:
    September 6, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    He knows he’s been the best QB on both teams that let him go.

    Now thats funny right there I don’t care who you are, that there is funny!

  12. No Danno..
    Stability for HIM, the QB, The athlete not having to go to a different team, different system, different coach for the next two years.

    Get it?


  13. Its a great move. Many if not most good starters in NFL (ie who play and last) seem to need to play under a good QB & coach/system – where they can study and learn for a few years. And he couldnt have picked a better Coach/system & experienced (champion) QB. If he does have what it takes this will allow him to develop and realize his potential.

    Very smart move.

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