Bill Belichick keeps heaping praise on Cam Newton

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It’s believed that former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wanted out of New England due in part to the failure of coach Bill Belichick to sufficiently praise the quarterback for his efforts.

If that was the case with Brady, Belichick is definitely taking a different approach with Brady’s successor.

“He’s come in and do everything we’ve asked him to do,” Belichick told reporters on Monday regarding Cam Newton. “He works had. He’s obviously a very talented player and looking forward to continue to work with him. We’ll just take it day-by-day, but he’s given us everything he’s had and we’ve tried to put the team in the best position we can competitively. We’ll see how that all comes out. I’m sure a lot of things will change as the season goes along. We are where we are for right now and just keep trying to get better every day.”

One thing that could change is that Cam could get injured. A foot injury ended his 2019 season after two games, and a shoulder problem derailed a promising 2018, during which the Panthers had started 6-2.

Still, if Newton can stay healthy (and if the Patriots can keep him healthy), the Patriots could end up in much better shape than anyone would have imagined, with a quarterback who ended up still being available in late June.

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  1. The Pats are in one of the weakest, if not THE weakest divisions in all of football. The Bills have potential but it’s still early.

    If the Pats were in the NFC West on the other hand, they’d be toast.

  2. Cam Newton could be a good player, a good guy and a good teammate, but he’s NOT>

    The team likes him. The coach likes him. He works hard. We”ll see how things shake out

  3. I think the Pats are still gonna win that division. Not sure they can beat the chiefs or ravens but if they can get a draw that skips those teams the nfl could get its wet dream superbowl of brady v BB. Its a long shot, but never count out BB.

  4. “There’s no quarterback I’d rather have than Tom Brady” – Bill Belichick, 2018.

  5. Even if they’re crazy enough to think that Cam Newton is an upgrade from Tom Brady, Patriot fans seemed to have forgotten that they also lost 4 defensive starters to free agency and have eight players (including Hightower and Chung) who have opted out because of Covid concerns.

  6. Because Belichick knows Newton is the kind of player that enjoys having praise heaped upon him.

  7. stabkof2512 says:
    September 7, 2020 at 12:53 pm
    Cam Newton could be a good player, a good guy and a good teammate, but he’s NOT>

    And you know this how?

  8. Definitely going to be a fun storyline to watch this year. I can’t wait for the season to begin.

  9. Bill is starting to act really weird about Cam,so much praise tone it down a little bit. Cam must really be killin it on the practice field in foxboro

  10. BB has to keep heaping praise on him. If he doesn’t Cam will just put a towel over his head and mope at the end of the bench like all the great leaders do.

  11. Happy to see how Cam has come in and been the guy they needed him to be. Not a pats fan by any stretch but BB is a guy that you can’t not respect. A couple of winners getting together, what’s the worst that could happen?

  12. Belichick finds a way to make the the challenging personalities work (LT, Corey Dillon, Randy Moss)…

  13. It’s almost like Belichick is trying to convince himself……quit trying so hard, dude. We’ll see soon enough if all the hype is warranted.

  14. I have been a longtime Cam critic. Didn’t like them signing him, but he has started to impress me in a lot of ways I didn’t think he would. I’d like it to work, and I’m sure BB doesn’t praise anyone falsely. At least he never has before. So I’m very interested to see what happens.

  15. Belichick has been pissed at Brady for years, for not “falling off the cliff” so he could switch over to Jimmy G.

    I hope Brady has an MVP season in Tampa and shows Bill how badly he screwed up

  16. It’s almost as if Belichick treated Brady the way Brady needed to be treated to maximize his effort, and is treating Cam the way that he needs to be treated to maximize his effort.

    Just a reminder, Belichick has a 14-6 record without Brady since 2008. He knows how to get the most out of whoever’s on the field.

  17. So, Cam is clearly a QB that you have to coddle.

    Brady just went out and did it.

  18. Jimmypinthe416 says:
    September 7, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    But we heard so much about Stidham being a future hall of famer.

    Said no one, EVER!

  19. Over the last ten years the Patriots have 29 more wins than the team with the second most victories. It appears that breeds a lot of resentment and wishful thinking.

  20. Cam is likely the most athletic QB that BB has ever coached. BB is seeing things that Cam can do that he has never seen any QB on his roster do. I hope this works out… always been a Cam fan because he is fun to watch play, and the Pats play the game the right way, so this should be fun to watch as a football fan.

  21. If Cam is truly healthy and able to throw (shoulder) and move well (ankle) then there is little doubt BB will create a VERY effective way to use his skill set – and that would create a realistic threat to contend for the AFC.

    “IF” Cam is truly healthy

  22. Cam is a front runner. So long as things are going well for him, he’s fine. Wait till BB sees him pouting in the field during a bad loss or benching.
    The one good thing Cam has going for him is that he and BB handle a press conference. after a loss the exact same way.

  23. Maybe BB understood what drove Tom Brady. He knew Brady needed praise but he also knew that Brady wasn’t at his best when he wasn’t pissed off. Anytime Brady was doubted he rose to the occasion, we’ve all seen it. BB knew that early on and insisted on not praising his star player because he could get that last 2% out of him if he didn’t.

  24. Same BB different chess piece. He moves the Chess pieces to get into checkmate. This is the way to move Cam which is different than the way to move Brady.

  25. Running QB waaaaay past his prime. Not a leader, cares only about his goofy clothes at at the press conferences, whines about getting hit. Weak division wonder.

  26. What’s more interesting to me is how Josh McDaniel is handling the change at quarterback. His talents in the passing game are in designing rub routes and creating mismatches. Tom Brady made McDaniel’s job much easier because of his ability to recognize what opposing defenses were trying to do during pre-snap and getting the offense in the right play that had the best chance of being successful. It’s unfair to expect the same from Newton. It will be interesting to see what kind of offense McDaniel designs that best suits Newton’s skill set.

  27. Cam needs his ego rebuilt after how things ended in Carolina, and he’s making peanuts despite being a great player. So it makes sense to give him some praise. Brady really never needed or wanted that praise. I think Brady’s form of appreciation was more giving him the tools he felt he needed to succeed, and the Patriots were in rebuild mode, so they weren’t interested.

  28. If the Pats were in the NFC West on the other hand, they’d be toast.
    face it son, they hammer every division. if I recall they just met the mighty nfc west in a bowl recently. oh then there was that previous time they played that unstoppable dynasty from the nfc west in a bowl. oh then there was 2001. facts are stubborn things.

  29. tigerlilac says:
    September 7, 2020 at 4:00 pm
    Over the last ten years the Patriots have 29 more wins than the team with the second most victories. It appears that breeds a lot of resentment and wishful thinking.

    But they aren’t winning them by enough so that doesn’t count. You can see the bottom falling out.

  30. Cam Newton is a Heisman Trophy winner, 2x BCS college champion, NFL Rookie of the year AND later league MVP, 10 year veteran who has played in a Superbowl, and Patriots fans are acting like New England signed some dude from Roxbury to play QB. Why? I feel like, the answer to that question, is the same question as to why Kaepernick kneeled and continues to be blackmailed by the league.

  31. I don’t understand all the focus on Bill praising his starting QB whom also was voted to be one of the team captains…..sounds like a normal approach to me, especially if he has earned it….I guess Bill & the Pats are still owning real estate in the minds of football fans everywhere…. nice to see actually!!!!!

  32. “Until he throws his first pick six.”

    That’s my concern. Not a pick 6 because all QBs will likely throw a couple of those every season.

    Its how Cam, who has always had a fragile ego, handles Bill ripping him in the team meeting in front of everyone for the mistake he made on the play.

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