Cowboys would love to have Dak Prescott’s contract “in the rearview mirror”


The Cowboys drafted Dak Prescott in 2016. Four years later, the quarterback still doesn’t have a new contract.

He will play this season under the franchise tag.

Meanwhile, the first two quarterbacks selected that year — Jared Goff and Carson Wentz — signed extensions a year ago. Two quarterbacks selected in 2017 — Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson — signed extensions this offseason.

Watson signed his $156 million extension this weekend, tying him to Houston through 2025.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones “certainly, obviously” saw Watson’s megadeal, he said on 105.3 The Fan.

Prescott said again last week that he plans on to be a Cowboy for the rest of his career. But the sides failing to reach a long-term deal by the July 15 deadline has left some uncertainty despite the optimism from both Prescott and the Cowboys.

“We just continue to want to get Dak signed,” Jones said. “Obviously, we’re totally all in on him. It’s just finding something that makes sense for both the Cowboys and Dak. . . . I think I saw where Dak was quoted as saying he’s fired up about his future here in Dallas, and understands some of these things can be different in terms of ultimately getting a deal. But I feel very confident we’ll get one. And I’m sure Dak feels the same way. We’d love to have it in the rearview mirror, but it’s not, and we’ll continue to address it and certainly feel very confident that we ultimately get something done.”

11 responses to “Cowboys would love to have Dak Prescott’s contract “in the rearview mirror”

  1. Yep as stated before by the Jones It Has To Make Sense For BOTH Sides. We are not going to over pay no way! Not going to dismantle the team for a Good not great nor elite but Good qb. Imagine IF Dak didn’t have all these weapons.

  2. Dak’s performance last year against a beaten up Eagles team with the division/playoffs on the line told you all you need to know. Jerry was watching.

  3. Only Tom Brady has won more games than Dak Prescott since Dak has entered the league. If winning is the goal, that’s a stat that actually matters.

  4. let him walk instead of holding the team salary cap hostage. draft an QB and let dalton start. end result will be the same anyway.

  5. Admit it Stephen and Jerry, by trying to squeeze Dak early on, it is gonna cost you big time later on! You may have to throw in that 250 Million Yacht!

  6. Jerruh certainly bungled this one. Could have had him for about $10 mn a year less than what he is going to end up paying. QB salaries only go in one direction….

  7. Dak is simply not worth the salaries of Watson or Mahomes or the top tier truly elite QBs. If you aren’t convinced of this, image what the Cowboys success predictions would be in say Aaron Rodgers was he QB instead of Dak. That offense would be truly unstoppable and the Cowboys would be the favorite to appear in the Superbowl this season.

    As a matter of opinion, I think Green Bay has soured their relationship with Rodgers and this might very well be his last year with them, as they took his apparent heir in this year’s draft. If I was the GM of the Cowboys I would ride out this year with Dak, and put together a relatively light trade package for Rodgers in the offseason, as the Packers will be in a position to take basically what they can get for him. The 2021 2nd rounder and maybe a middle round 2022 pick should get the job done and then the Cowboys can ride the last productive years of a true Hall of Fame QB into 3 years of late playoffs (or SB) contention. With Dak they are a paper tiger, with Rodgers they would be a favorite to appear in the SB . . . meanwhile they can kick the can of addressing the QB position down the road for a few more years.

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