Pete Carroll says Seahawks could spread out game reps due to lack of preseason

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When the Seattle Seahawks open their season against the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday, the team could be spreading out their playing opportunities more than normal for a regular season game.

Due to the lack of a preseason, head coach Pete Carroll said Monday the team has talked about spreading out game reps more broadly for two separate purposes. The first is to continue the evaluation process of the roster as the players only practiced against themselves in training camp. The second is to make sure that players don’t get overworked suddenly playing an entire football game this weekend.

“There is some conversation we’ve had about that,” Carroll said. “About making sure that we see a lot of guys play early on because we haven’t had the games and just to make sure we don’t over overburden somebody week one, week two, you know. We had some opportunities to go ahead and trade some reps and all so that’s part of the focus for us.”

Carroll has had to get ready for games that count before without a preseason during his time as head coach of USC. There’s no preseason games in college and he can draw from that experience to figure out the best way of approaching playing time at the beginning of the year. However, there will be no Hawaii or Idaho on the schedule for a tune-up outing to open the season.

The Seahawks have had three separate “mock game” practices in camp with two coming at CenturyLink Field. But it’s still a big leap to go from just practices to having star players play 60-plus plays in a game that counts.

“That would be just kind of typical for not having preseason games. What would you do? You’d want to see more guys early and make sure that guys are ready to go and that the impact of the first game doesn’t weigh into the game too by overdoing it the first time out. So there’s some of that going on,” Carroll said.