Raiders put Marcus Mariota on injured reserve, DeShone Kizer on practice squad

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The Raiders are making some changes in their quarterback room.

Marcus Mariota, the backup quarterback who has been struggling with a strained pectoral muscle, has been placed on injured reserve. Under the NFL’s rules for the 2020 season, that means Mariota can return after three weeks.

DeShone Kizer, who spent last season with the Raiders, has been added to their practice squad. A 2017 second-round pick of the Browns, Kizer has some playing experience, both in Cleveland and in Green Bay, and could be called upon in an emergency.

Derek Carr remains the Raiders’ starting quarterback, and Nathan Peterman is the only other quarterback on the roster.

11 responses to “Raiders put Marcus Mariota on injured reserve, DeShone Kizer on practice squad

  1. So Mariota will be the starter come week 4….

    Raiders can’t help but to keep raidering(losing).

  2. Not wishing anything bad on Carr, but I’d like to see if Peterman is any better at all. Or if Gruden’s still refusing to admit he was wrong him.

  3. Gruden likes a west coast style QB. Someone who can walk to the line, read the defense, and call audibles when necessary. He likes QB who came make the right call and get the ball out of their hands quickly. I look at the QB roster, and I see Marcus Mariota will eventually be Gruden’s QB.

  4. So Mariota has had this strain for awhile and its just now being addressed, days before the opener? LOL! You def need a new GM. Mayock is terrible. See trade of 3rd for 4th earlier this week. 6-10 if you get hot.

  5. Sooooo. Last years pics were busts?
    Hunter Renfrow?
    Max Crosby?
    Josh Jacobs?

    You don’t know much do you?

  6. vottorific says:
    September 7, 2020 at 7:33 pm
    Man, Mariota cant stay healthy. He’s so talented, but made of glass.

    He’s not that talented when healthy though. He held back the offense then Tannehill came in and let it rip.

  7. Kyle Shurmur a better choice than DK. He’s a quick study, solid guy, and knows everything about what the Chiefs do, which will obviously be helpful at least twice a year.

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