Taysom Hill lands at No. 2 on Saints’ quarterback depth chart

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Last year, Teddy Bridgewater served as the primary backup to Saints starting quarterback Drew Brees. This year, Taysom Hill has been installed as No. 2 on the team’s depth chart.

Hill has leapfrogged Jameis Winston, the first overall pick in the 2015 draft. Winston signed with the Saints after Bridgewater became Carolina’s new starter.

The Saints gave Hill a two-year deal with $16 million in guaranteed money. The naysayers like to say that Hill has thrown only 13 regular-season passes. The naysayers neglect to notice the impact Hill has when he’s on the field. In New Orleans’ last game, a home playoff loss to the Vikings, Hill arguably was the best player on the field, for either team.

For now, he’s the best quarterback on the Saints not named Drew Brees.

Hill also is the no. 2 kickoff returner, so even as he become a much more important part of the offense, he’ll still have a role on special teams.

36 responses to “Taysom Hill lands at No. 2 on Saints’ quarterback depth chart

  1. That truthers don’t neglect Hills impact. The truthers just know that he’s not an every down QB.

  2. It will be interesting to see if Winston is active on gamedays…

    Because if he is… i don’t care if he is listed #1…

    He won’t be in the game if Brees goes down

  3. Wow – n0 way Hill is better than Winston. Not in a million years – total gimmick player – in fact, Tebow light.

  4. Does anyone remember his injury history at BYU? He was always hurt and he won’t last a season as a starting quarterback in this league.

  5. If I was Jameis Winston not only i would have fired my Agent but i would feel so hurt and offended that I don’t think i would be able to get out of bed for quite some time.

    Here you have Jameis Winston the passing yards leader for the 2019 season getting ship down to 3rd string behind a guy who has yet to Start an NFL game as Quarterback, and please don’t insult our intelligence by saying he knows the offense,, Thats like saying if Taysome wasn’t there then another receiver would have been the back QB anyways since they are more familiar with the offense than Winston.

    And for the type of money Winston ended up signing for, there was absolutely no reason he should have been in any hurry to sign somewhere less than ideal. If a 41 yr old Josh McCown can get a call then most certainly Winston would have always been on Teams speed Dial.

  6. Like many, I don’t think Hill is a starting QB type. He is a much more valuable to the Saints as a gimmick player. That’s his role on the Saints and he does it well.

  7. TDS is real (Taysom Derangement Syndrome)

    The knocks on Taysom as a starter may be 100% correct. The truth is I don’t know. The truth is neither does any anyone else.

    Silly comments like …

    “He’s a gimmick and Winston is 100 times the QB.”
    “The truthers just know that he’s not an every down QB.”
    “He won’t be in the game if Brees goes down”

    speak for themselves.

  8. As a Bucs fan I am disappointed. I wanted to see Winston have another chance … another chance at throwing a ton of interceptions with one of our division rivals.

  9. And here I am wondering whether either of these two clipboard-holders will ever manage to exceed the base allocation of 0.00 fantasy points this season.

    My guess: Nah

  10. 170poundgorilla says:
    September 7, 2020 at 8:58 pm
    It will be interesting to see if Winston is active on gamedays…

    Because if he is… i don’t care if he is listed #1…

    He won’t be in the game if Brees goes down

    EXACTLY! I’ve seen Hill with his WRs drop it into a 5gal bucket at 50yds several times, something Winston struggles to do just a couple of times a year!

  11. Is it really that surprising that a QB the Saints just gave a $16 million contract to and who has been in this system for a few years was named the 2nd string QB at the start of the season? Especially with the offseason impacted by COVID and preseason games cancelled no new QB on this team is going to be sufficiently ready without getting some reps and not too many coaches will feel comfortable going with someone new.

    And this isn’t the Cam Newton situation in which Cam is the most talented QB on the roster and the other 2 QBs haven’t seen much time on the field.

  12. He’s number two on the depth chart because teams only keep two QB’s on the game day roster and Hill needs to be active to fill his other roles on the offense and special teams.

    If Brees were to get hurt, Hill would finish out that game and Winston would most likely be the long term replacement starter with Hill going back to number two.

    Nothing to see here.

  13. If the Saints make it to the postseason they should give Hill the starting job Brees has proved to be a choker of epic proportions in each of the last two seasons

  14. mikeyb says:
    September 8, 2020 at 9:16 am
    How can you not root for a guy like Taysom Hill?


    He wears a Saints uniform.

  15. He’s there because he knows the playbook. It’s a terrible year to switch teams. Also, if Brees gets hurt midway through the season, Hill will still be the #2 QB. Yes, we can ignore his “impact” when he’s on the field, if you’re trying to leap frog to him being a starting QB. He’s not a starting QB.

  16. hotfuego says:
    September 8, 2020 at 1:05 am
    He’s a baller. He’s next up, and when his number is called he always shows up!
    /////////// Nope. The dude touched the ball 46 times last year, for less than 600 yards. Some of you see him make a couple splashy plays and think he can do it all the time. If he was a full time starter, defenses would prepare for him, and NFL defenses would completely shut him down.

  17. spylake says:
    September 7, 2020 at 11:54 pm
    TDS is real (Taysom Derangement Syndrome)
    I’m not calling him a gimmick player. He has a solid role on that team. But it isn’t either full time, nor is it as a QB. He is 30 years old, and has thrown 13 passes in the NFL. Yes, we can safely state he isn’t starting QB material. How can we state that so easily? Because he’s 30 years old and is not a starting QB in the NFL.

  18. It amazes me how professional coaching staffs get 2nd guessed on moves like this when they see these guys on a daily basis.

  19. Does anybody believe for one second that if Brees gets hurt it won’t be Winston starting? Just like last year where you kept hearing how Hill was going to start someday but the second Brees got hurt they went straight to Bridgewater. Then there was the offseason where supposedly tons of teams were ready to give him starter money yet somehow he wound up back with the Saints still as a backup.

  20. “And this isn’t the Cam Newton situation in which Cam is the most talented QB on the roster and the other 2 QBs haven’t seen much time on the field.”

    Hoyer has started quite a number of games actually. When he’s surround with good players and has good coaching he’s a good but not great QB.

  21. Depth charts mean nothing! Hill was “#2 QB” last year until Brees got hurt and SURPRISE Teddy Bridgewater is the starter…. Hill is a gadget player not a QB

  22. Saints fans still can’t seem to understand Hill’s role in the Saints offense. He’s definitely not a “clipboard holder.” He was involved with 29% of offensive plays last year. He’s not a “gadget” player. He scored six touchdowns last year. If Brees were to get hurt again, Jameis Winston will probably start in his absence and until the playbook can be re-written for Hill (if it hasn’t been already). Hill is rightfully #2, will be #1 when Brees retires. Hill wasn’t given a $16-$21 contract to stand on the sidelines with a clipboard watching Jameis Winston throw interceptions.

  23. 2019 regular season stats according to ESPN: 6 passes, 27 rushes, 19 receptions totaling 445 yards, or 8.5 yards per touch. Throw in the 7 TD’s and a TD-to-touch ratio of 7.4, and that seems pretty impactful. Odd that people are down on a guy who produces those numbers because he doesn’t fit the prototypical template for a QB. Pretty reasonable to believe any skill player on offense wouldn’t love to score every 7 times they touch the ball, and produce 8.5 yards. That helps a team. The term ‘gimmick’ feels more appropriate when applied to something like the Statue of Liberty play, rather than a player who is currently producing 12.3 yards per reception, an 86% target to catch ratio, a TD every 3 receptions and a first down every 1.35 catches. Putting in Bridgewater or Winston might be less a function of which QB is better, and more a function of preserving the options Hill presents as a multi-skilled weapon.

  24. ronna1225 says:
    September 8, 2020 at 12:09 pm
    Your sample size makes all of your stats null and void. It’s comical to state he has a TD every 3 receptions. Hey, Nick Foles had a 100% TD to reception percentage in the SB a few years back! The fact remains….Hill is not a full time player, at any position.

  25. JW making the third string slot in the QB room is a gift from Sean Payton bc the Saints got his agent fired for that lucrative one year contract. Are there any incentives if he hits the field to make over 2 million for the season? Probably not!

    Payton doesn’t like headaches and JW still has the maturity level of high school freshman.

    Also, he is a interception machine.

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