Aaron Jones: We’re definitely working on an extension with Packers

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara is reportedly close to an agreement on a contract extension and he’s not the only back from the 2017 draft class who is currently in talks about such a deal.

Word in May was that the Packers had spoken with Aaron Jones‘ representatives about an extension, but there hasn’t been the same focus on that effort as there has been on Kamara’s talks with the Saints. During an appearance on NFL Network Tuesday, Jones said that conversations with the team are ongoing.

“Yes, they definitely are. My agent and them are taking care of that. I’m gonna focus on football,” Jones said.

The Packers’ decision to draft A.J. Dillon in the second round this year led some to think that they might be content to part ways with Jones after this season. It appears that there could be room for both backs as long as Jones and the Packers can find the right price.

6 responses to “Aaron Jones: We’re definitely working on an extension with Packers

  1. I love Aaron Jones.
    The kid has skills.

    He’s a slippery runner out of the backfield, as well as a very capable receiver in the passing game.
    Obviously, If the Packers can ink him to a reasonable contract I hope they can retain him.
    But I’m still a little suspect that a deal gets done.

    Jones will simply command a bigger salary as a free agent than the Packers will delegate, or should delegate.
    It’s just more prudent, in my opinion, to spend a larger percentage of your capital on your offensive line, while plugging and playing RBs as needed.

    If AJ Dillon shows the capabilities of being a lead back this season, I could see the Packers turning to Jamaal Williams who would cost them a much more modest deal.

    But for now, this season anyway, the offense’s ground game should be in good hands.
    The future will be dealt with in the future.

  2. Jamal Williams is probably the odd man out here. Why would they get rid of the league’s (albeit tied) touchdown leader?

  3. If you draft a RB in the 2nd you shouldn’t be signing your veteran who has had only 1 healthy season. Packers should let both Jones and Williams walk at the end of the year. Jones is the only one worth a 2nd contract but for how long? History dictates that RBs don’t give you the production you paid on that 2nd deal. Packers GM doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. 1st and 2nd round picks this year will barely see the field and last years top pick has yet to make an impact and is also not a starter. While this is going on the Vikings had about 13 draft picks to bolster their roster.

  4. This is awesome. This has to sky rocket the value of the picture Free has framed in the basement, last. I heard it was worth more than than a Barry Sanders or what is that lame qb Tim maybe Thomas Brady photos.
    #Ol Milwaukee #Doritios

  5. He’s a very good RB — it will be interesting to see what he signs for in this covid/decreased RB value market.

  6. With a reduced salary cap in 2021 and beyond,… plus the fact the Pack has starters Bahktiari, Lindsley, and King to extend after this year,…. I can’t see where there’s room for a big Aaron Jones deal that compares to the Delvin Cook deal,… or for more like Kamara got in N.O.
    2021 NFL team salary caps are going to be a nightmare for veteran players with big contract numbers.

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