Colts offensive coordinator confident Philip Rivers has something left

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Philip Rivers turns 39 in December. He turned the ball over 23 times last season, third-most in the NFL, in his final season with the Chargers.

Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni expects, though, to get the best of Rivers.

“I expect him to be the guy that leads the offense,” Sirianni said, via Andrew Walker of the team website. “We know how accurate he is and how he’s a great decision-maker. He’s accurate. He makes good fast decisions. So I expect that out of him in the pass game. Getting us into the right protection call, because he studies blitzes and the opposing team more than anyone I’ve ever been around.

“Then in the run game, just running the show, checking when he needs to, getting people in position to make plays. So I just expect the same from what I’ve (experienced). Obviously, we have a lot of years and a lot of history with him. Just, I expect the same Philip Rivers that we had when we were in San Diego together.”

Rivers has run Frank Reich’s system since 2013, so he has a familiarity with it. He went into the virtual offseason knowing more than 85 percent of the offense.

Reich and Rivers worked together for three seasons with the Chargers, and Sirianni also was on the Chargers’ staff.

Rivers spent 16 seasons with the Chargers, going 123-101 in the regular season but 5-6 in the postseason and failing to take the team to a Super Bowl.