One player tested positive for COVID-19 from August 30-September 5

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The NFL and NFL Players Association have announced the results for another period of COVID-19 testing and the numbers continue to look good.

Over a period lasting from August 30 to September 5, there were 17,519 tests administered to 2,641 players. There was one new confirmed positive test during that time. There were four positive tests for players from August 21 to August 29.

Six players are currently on reserve/COVID-19 lists around the league. Saints running back Dwayne Washington, Panthers defensive back Derrek Thomas, 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, Panthers guard Chris Reed, Titans tackle Isaiah Wilson and Jaguars running back Ryquell Armstead have either tested positive or been in close contact with an infected person.

The NFL and NFLPA also announced that there were seven new confirmed positive tests out of 26,991 tests on 5,708 other personnel. There were six positives in the previous round of testing.

8 responses to “One player tested positive for COVID-19 from August 30-September 5

  1. Wait, the stalker/troll guaranteed there would be no NFL games played in 2020.

    How could one person always be wrong about EVERY SINGLE thing he has ever typed here?

    Poor Barney

  2. Just a reminder that the NFL paid ted wells millions of dollars to conclude that physics doesnt exist. They are getting the result they want on these COVID numbers too, from the looks of things. Good luck to all the old and obese coaching staff who are particularly at risk.

  3. Some people should watch what they type…karma has a way of catching up to ya….just sayin

  4. Awesome news. Good on teams and players for taking care to keep exposure risk at minimum.

  5. nickinneohio says:
    September 8, 2020 at 3:46 pm
    How many tested positive for the flu?

    My point is, Every year, every team has players come down with the ‘flu’ or exhibit ‘flulike symptoms’. Not this year. It’s the dreaded plague.

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