Report: Broncos fear Von Miller done for season with lower leg injury

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Broncos pass rusher Von Miller injured his lower leg in Tuesday’s practice, according to multiple reports.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports Miller injured his ankle and the Broncos “fear” Miller is done for the season.

Miller is undergoing an MRI to determine the extent of the injury.

The Broncos had to make do without their other pass rusher most of last season when Bradley Chubb tore the ACL in his left knee in Week Four.

Chubb’s absence was one of the reasons Miller had only eight sacks last season, as it allowed teams to double Miller.

Miller has 106 sacks since the Broncos made him a first-round choice in 2011. He has played 135 of a possible 144 games in his career. Miller began 2013 with a suspension, and after playing nine games that season, tore the ACL in his right knee, ending his season.

Miller, who tested positive for COVID-19 during this offseason, considered opting out of the 2020 season. Now, he could see his season finish before it begins.

18 responses to “Report: Broncos fear Von Miller done for season with lower leg injury

  1. This issue an example of why teams should trade away their studs, except franchise QB’s, while the trade value is at it’s highest.

  2. Let me get this out of the way: I absolutely hate the Denver Broncos.

    Von Miller is the man. He is a class act and respects the game of football. Miller wears 58 because of his idol Derrick Thomas. Always enjoyed his commercials as he seems like a genuine & funny guy.

    Tough blow for Denver’s D this year but the wear and tear on Miller over the year could be a blow for next years team as week.

  3. Chiefs fan here, that sucks! Don’t like any other team in the afc west but I’d rather them be healthy than their top players injured.

    Get well soon Von.

  4. Awful news if true, and this happening in the same year where he had Covid as well. Prayers to him and his family on a quick recovery.

  5. jimmylikesthat says:
    September 8, 2020 at 8:20 pm
    2013 suspension? The “wizenator” incident? I think the Patriots lost a draft pick for that

    6 19 Rate This

    he tested positive the first two years of his career and he was never suspended for the first violation

    strangest thing I’ve seen

    “In late 2011, there was some suspicion that the league tapped the brakes on a couple of potential suspensions in order to avoid derailing Tebowmania. In 2012, the Broncos were among the league’s darlings, given the arrival of Peyton Manning. There’s no evidence that the process as to Miller has been delayed in any way to help the Broncos, however.

    And there’s also no evidence that the process will be resolved any time soon. Until Miller’s appeal has been heard and decided, he’ll carry the stigma of being a cheater. Unfortunately for Miller, the fact that someone blabbed means that Miller will have that stigma in the eyes of some, even if he wins.“

  6. This is not good news. I don’t want the Broncos to be bad enough to end up with a blue-chip QB in the next draft.

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