Report: Von Miller injured ankle tendon, likely ending his season

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More details are emerging about Von Miller‘s lower leg injury, and none bringing good news for the Broncos pass rusher.

Miller injured a tendon in is ankle on the last play of practice, Adam Schefter of ESPN reprots.

Miller is expected to need surgery, which likely ends his season.

Mike Klis of Denver’s 9News reports that Miller first will seek a second opinion from sports orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson, whose practice is in Green Bay.

The Broncos remain uncertain about whether former first-round pick Bradley Chubb will be ready for Monday night’s opener against the Titans. Chubb tore his ACL in Week Four last season.

Chubb’s absence was one of the reasons Miller had only eight sacks last season, as it allowed teams to double Miller.

Miller has 106 sacks since the Broncos made him a first-round choice in 2011.

Miller’s backups are Malik Reed and Jeremiah Attaochu.

23 responses to “Report: Von Miller injured ankle tendon, likely ending his season

  1. Oh man. I am not a Broncos fan but I hate hearing that. I was worried about guys getting hurt because of the way the players were affected by the pandemic.
    That’s a real blow to the Broncos.

  2. lgw91s says:
    September 8, 2020 at 8:56 pm
    It’s going to be a weird year – in a bad way.


    Oh yeah cause the first nine months have been going so swell.

    For Patriots fans, yes it will be a very bad year, a new reality.

  3. He showed up this offseason in his best shape yet which is saying something. He was as focused as I have ever seen him. Completely dominating in camp even more than usual. Not only the best player on that defense but the best player on that team. This was going to be a great defense that was going to help carry a very young offense especially early on in the season. Just completely deflating if you are a fan of the Broncos.

  4. Next year is a club option and at his age it might be better to part ways and let someone else sign him. His best years are behind him.

  5. Can’t stand the Broncos but Von Miller is the exception. Hate to see him out, potentially for the entire season, this late into his career. All the best to him.

  6. Denver might be the most overrated team in the preseason predictions this year. I can’t understand all the media pundits who think they are playoff bound. Lock played 5 games last year and already is the next Brady by the way people are hyping this team. He is basically a rookie who had no preseason to work on his craft this year. Denver has issues on their line and their defense is a far cry from their peak a few years back. Broncos will most likely wind up at the bottom of the AFC west this year. Now with Miller out, who really didn’t do much last year anyway, their prospects look even bleaker.

  7. Remember when the Broncos kept Von, and dumped Shaq Barret, and then Barret led the league in sacks w/ 19.5 last year?

  8. this begs a comment about a player’s value. I argued for the Broncs trading Miller a couple years ago, whiles his “value” was high, just like SF did with their star D-lineman last year. Then in the draft they picked up another first round pick and used it on a younger star in that position for a lot less money.

    I admire Miller because he was a basket case when he got to Denver, lost a driver’s license, had to sit out some games and turned all that around, but there comes a point when certain players are worth more on the trading block than they are on the field. Miller reached that point a while back.

  9. 1 player does not make a team….. however, in this case he almost did….Donkeys are TOAST yet again…7-9

  10. Remember when von miller less the broncos to one of the best defenses ever and a superbowl championship?? Shaq can wish he can have the career that von miller has had

    esquire says:
    September 9, 2020 at 8:53 am
    Remember when the Broncos kept Von, and dumped Shaq Barret, and then Barret led the league in sacks w/ 19.5 last year?

  11. Injuries like these validate why underpaid players should holdout in training camp. These debilitating injuries could be career ending.

  12. It is going to tough enough to watch football this year. What a blow to that defence and team.
    But it is 2020.

  13. A real shame, he’s always fun to watch even when the team he’s pounding is the one you cheer for

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