Stephen Gostkowski feels like a rookie again

Getty Images

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski has made Pro Bowls, been selected to All-Pro teams and won three Super Bowls over 14 years in the NFL, but he’s experiencing something new this year.

Gostkowski signed with the Titans last week, which means he’ll be playing for a team other than the Patriots for the first time as a professional. He’s also coming off a hip injury that limited him to four games and contributed to some shaky on-field results last season.

The whole package leaves Gostkowski feeling like he’s back at zero miles on the odometer.

“It feels weird, but it is also kind of a cool feeling — fresh start, start over. I feel like a rookie again,” Gostkowski said, via the team’s website. “I have to meet everybody, I have to find out where I fit on this team. I have to prove myself to this team. Whatever I have done or haven’t done in the past really doesn’t mean anything for this team. Maybe some of the young guys say: ‘I used to play with you on Madden’, but other that that. I am excited to go out there and have to prove myself to these guys, and prove that I am worthy to be a Titan.”

The Titans dealt with kicking issues throughout the 2019 season, so they’d be thrilled if Gostkowski’s fresh start looks like the old days.