Aaron Rodgers likes Packers “flying under the radar”

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The Packers went 13-3 last season. They advanced to the NFC Championship Game.

They are one of the most popular teams in the NFL.

Yet, the Packers feel an afterthought in the NFC what with all of the talk of Tom Brady and Leonard Fournette to the Buccaneers, the Saints’ pursuit of Jadeveon Clowney, the Cowboys’ hiring of Mike McCarthy and the Lions’ signing of Adrian Peterson.

The last big Packers’ headline involved the team’s decision to trade up in the first round to take quarterback Jordan Love.

The Packers, though, remain Aaron Rodgers‘ team, and because of that, they remain a conference contender.

“You know what, I don’t know about our squad,” Rodgers said Wednesday, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “I think the beauty is there’s a lot of conversation about other teams, whether it’s Tom and Tampa, or the teams that were really solid last year, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Dallas with Mike and what they’ve done to their roster. I like where we’re at as far as kind of flying under the radar, even though we went 13-3 last year. We’ve got a chance to prove what kind of team we are to start the season out on Sunday, and I look forward to the opportunity.”

The Packers don’t look a lot different than they did last season. That could be a good thing; it could be a bad thing. Who knows?

The Packers will start to find out the answer to that question Sunday at Minnesota.

“It hasn’t felt like a normal anything really with no preseason games and the schedule being different, and obviously the COVID testing every morning,” Rodgers said. “That has all felt very different. Today felt like the first day of a game week. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know I felt like I was in a rhythm from the moment I stepped on the field and I wanted to lead with some energy today to kind of set the tone that game weeks are different than training camp.

“Everything is amped up a little bit, to even, like I told the guys before practice, it’s easy to get amped up, obviously more on game day and with each progressing week, the urgency and the importance obviously picks up and so today I felt was a good day for us energetically. And it was definitely the first time I think, for me, that the realness of this kind of set in and the understanding that now it does matter. Hopefully, the rest of the guys don’t take until Sunday to have the same feeling because I know it’s been strange for all of us.”

21 responses to “Aaron Rodgers likes Packers “flying under the radar”

  1. Whatever, any team that cut off the media going to the media is going to fly under the radar. He should be more worried about QB was a draft priority…

  2. collectordude says:
    September 9, 2020 at 8:54 pm
    They’ll be so under the radar.
    They won’t make the playoffs.


    If I were you, I wouldn’t put any money on that.

  3. I’m just glad there will be actual football games to talk about. With the expanded playoffs I would be extremely surprised if Green Bay fails to qualify. I would also be extremely surprised to see them in the NFC Championship game.

    Let’s play ball.

  4. Of course Aaron Rodgers likes being under the radar. Whenever he’s expected to win in the playoffs or big games, he completely crumbles under the pressure. He’s always performed better playing with “nothing to lose”.

  5. Can’t wait for Sunday at noon.

    It’s going to be a absolute joy to watch that game!



  6. Now, that’s a true leader! *Goosebumps*
    No wonder the locker room loves him!

    Yes, the whiners will cry about overachieving, schedules or whatever, it’s always something with them.
    Fortunately, for us, their tears are so damn delicious!

    6-0 NFC North record.
    6-2 against teams with a .500 record or better.

    Looking forward to setting an early tone in our division this Sunday.
    Football’s Back, Baby, it’s Back!

  7. Now, that’s how a leader leads! *Goosebumps*
    No wonder the locker room loves him.

    Yes, the whiners will cry about overachievement, schedules, or…….whatever, it’s what they do.
    Anyway, their tears are so damn delicious.

    6-0 in the NFC North.
    6-2 against teams with a .500 record or better.

    Looking forward to Aaron and the Packers setting the tone for the division early, just like they did last season.
    Can’t wait until Sunday.

  8. I’m just angry because we’ve never had a QB half as good as this guy.

    Fire everyone and start over. It’s a rebuilding year anyway.

  9. I’m not saying I missed preseason, but it sure doesn’t feel like week 1 of the NFL season. Everybody is under the radar, because nobody has any clue what to expect this week.

  10. Wafflestomp says:
    September 10, 2020 at 10:22 am
    Now, that’s how a leader leads! *Goosebumps*
    No wonder the locker room loves him.
    What? If I am not mistaken, most everybody in this dudes life doesn’t like or respect him. Not even a little. By all accounts, Rodgers is a grade A jerk of a human being.

  11. conormacleod says:
    September 10, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    What? If I am not mistaken, most everybody in this dudes life doesn’t like or respect him. Not even a little. By all accounts, Rodgers is a grade A jerk of a human being.

    You see, that’s because you are greatly mistaken.
    And it’s quite obvious that you’ve never bothered to listen to any of his current or former teammates (Greg Jennings excluded) that have nothing but positive things to say about his leadership skills and what he’s meant to them and their careers.

    Listen to the retirement speeches of Jordy Nelson and John Kuhn just to name a few.
    James Jones has been very vocal about their friendship and Randall Cobb had him as a groomsman in his wedding.
    He frequently vacations with a handful of teammates in the offseason, Australia, the Kentucky Derby and so on.
    Google some of it.
    Do yourself a favor and try and get out from under the PFT and Loserville narrative bubble.

    But you won’t.
    No, you need to manufacture this ongoing hate for the guy that’s kept you seething and has been the cause of so much of your pain all these years.
    So you’ll just keep on perpetuating the misinformation and lies.
    Oh well.

  12. The Packers may be popular picks to be going nowhere, but as we know, those who say do not know — those who know do not say. It’s what we know week 16 that counts, not what we say week one.

  13. Under the radar huh? 13-3 last was so good that the Packers really didn’t make any improvements to help A A Ron and Co. It will be the same this year, trying to double count to get the free play lob the ball to Adam’s under throw him and hope to get a PI. Most Packer fans have all ready penciled in the team as the NFC North title winners.

    We shall see, biggest tangible is if Green Bays WRs learned anything from last year. Green Bay at least last year was a timing offense, disrupt the timing on the routes…..its game over. Rodgers for all his greatness gets frustrated and rattled very easily. With a banged up O line.Sunday could be a long day in The House of Pain.

  14. Pre season pundits are picking the Vikings to win the NFC North, I assume that is what Rodgers is referring to when he says the Packers are not on the radar screen.

    With a home game opener, all the pressure is on the Vikings in Week 1. Pressure and the Vikings seems to go together like oil and vinegar.

  15. Michael Asleson says:
    September 9, 2020 at 8:13 pm
    The packers overachieved last year thanks to a cupcake schedule

    Well then, why didn’t the Vikings overachieve? The teams had virtually identical home and away schedules.

    Please explain.

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