Bruce Arians happy to groom Josh Rosen

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It might seem humbling for Josh Rosen, to go from being the 10th overall pick in the draft to the practice squad.

But according to Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians, Rosen is in a better place now.

Rosen opted for the relative security of joining a solid staff where he can learn and develop, over joining a team which needed an extra for their 53-man roster. He also had some familiarity, as Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich had the same job for half of his one bad season in Arizona (after original coordinator Mike McCoy was fired midseason).

“I think it was an excellent move. Josh wanted to be here,” Bucs coach Bruce Arians said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. ”We wanted him here. I really liked him coming out [of college]. Byron had him for eight or nine games as a starter with a really bad football team. He was around Miami, he learned, he’s sharp, he’s big — he’s got everything you’re looking for, so it’s a great guy to groom.”

Getting to work with an excellent offensive coaching staff (which might actually be employed next year) is a benefit for Rosen, after he had eight coordinators since he was at UCLA. But he also has a shot to be a part of their post-Tom Brady future, and with the guaranteed money from his rookie deal, he had the flexibility to choose a growth opportunity.

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  1. Any time you have a chance to acquire a QB who has the potential to be a winner, you have to take advantage of it. Years ago, and for various reasons, New England gave up on Jim Plunkett, Atlanta gave up on Brett Favre, Tampa Bay gave up on Steve Young, and San Diego gave up on Drew Brees. They all went on to have HOF careers and were super bowl winners. I’m not saying anyone made a mistake. Sometimes it just isn’t the right fit. But it is possible that you can acquire a really good QB without having to pay the going price for a franchise QB. Bruce Arians definitely has a mind of his own, and also understands the way NFL franchises evaluate QB’s. He’s been around long enough to remember Joe Montana going in the 3rd round and Tom Brady going in the 6th round of the draft. Even though those QB’s went to big schools and played against top competition, and were very successful, for whatever reason, they didn’t get high draft grades. On the other hand there is a long list of QB’s getting drafted very high that never played well. Arians has also worked for the best franchises and the worst franchises, so he also has some insight into how the good teams became successful, and why the bad teams were failures. So far, Josh Rosen hasn’t been put in position to succeed. I doubt whether Montana or Brady could have succeeded in the environments Rosen has been put in since he entered the league. Arians is also aware of that.

  2. If Rosen can’t make it happen with Brady and Bruce giving advise, and playing behind a solid line, it just ain’t gonna happen for the kid. I still think he comes off wY to arrogant and aloof. Teammates and coaches don’t like that.

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