DeAndre Hopkins excited for five years with Kyler Murray

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Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins wanted a contract extension before he came to Arizona and he finally got it on Tuesday.

Hopkins signed a deal with the Cardinals that keeps him under contract through the 2024 season and sets him up for a long run as a top target for quarterback Kyler Murray. After signing the new contract, Hopkins said that playing with Murray for that period of time was one of the reasons why signing on for the long term was an appealing prospect.

“I’ve never had more than [three] years with any one quarterback in my eight years of playing football,” Hopkins said, via the team’s website. “Being able to build a relationship with the quarterback, the sky is the limit. Being able to be with a quarterback that I know is the future of this organization for five years and having offseasons and building it, man, it’s exciting.”

Hopkins hasn’t played in a game with Murray at this point, but that will change on Sunday against the 49ers. If all goes as hoped, it will be the first game of a long and fruitful partnership in the desert.

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  1. Any contracts now, since covid and the protest are year to year deals with the cap set to sink faster than the Titanic!

  2. Umm, unless Hopkins decides he wants the Cardinals to rip up the contract before that time.

  3. You were just playing with a rising star in Deshaun Watson (6th in QBR in 2019) on the Texans (10-6 in 2019), and now you’re on the worst team in your division (5-10-1 in 2019) with an unproven Kyler Murray (19th in QBR in 2019).

    This is all about the $, don’t lie!

  4. All about the money ??

    The Texans TRADED him to the Cardinals.
    They traded him with 3 years left on his current deal.

    The whole point of the conversation was Nuk stating he hasn’t had the chance to play with a QB for 5 years…

    Something he would have…with Watson..


    This isnt on Hopkins…this is on the Texans

  5. Hopkins would’ve been excited to spend 5 years with Watson, but Houston (for some reason) thinks a 2nd round pick and David Johnson can replace him. I do expect Hopkins and Murray to play well this year, Watson could have injury bugs bite his receivers this year. If healthy, his receivers have speed

  6. Murray’s a special talent. Him and Nuk will be fun to watch for a long time. Cardinals are about two years away from being scary good.

  7. Uhh dude Kyler Murray was 14th in QBR via ESPN’s QBR rankings as a rookie, and he had a passer rating of 88.0 and that was as a rookie with not a lot around him. Murray was only the 2nd rookie QB in NFL History to pass for 3700+ YDs and Rush for 500+YDs in year 1 and against the 49ers defense Murray tore them up last season in his first season starting throwing for 5TDs-0INTs completing 70% of his passes with a QB Passer Rating of 116.7 and Murray would of beat the 49ers in both games had Murray’s own defense not of totally let him down. Murray was a straight up beast as a rookie with future superstar written all over him.

    Murray is going to take a massive leap forward in terms of his development and not only does he have more weapons around him offensively but all of those guys should also be even better being that they’re all going into year 2 in that offense.
    Arizona has one of the deepest offenses in the league at WR starting w/ arguably the best WR in the NFL in All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins who is going to really open up that offense as Hopkins will draw the coverage away from AZ’s other WR’s. Receivers like 3rd year WR Christian Kirk who was on pace for 1000+YDs last season until he sprained his ankle costing him 3 games. Kirk is set to take a big leap forward this year and can be a Pro Bowl caliber WR. Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best slot WR’s in the NFL and also should have around 1000K YDs now playing with a veteran QB for the first time since Palmer retired. WR Andy Isabella with his 4.29 40 speed is set to break out this year and is a tremendous deep threat as his speed is a real weapon, very comparable to Tyreek Hill in terms of speed and he has greatly improved. 2nd year WR Keesean Johnson also is improved and is a very solid possession WR. At TE Arizona has a very very good pass catching TE in 6″5 Dan Arnold who going into year in this offense should really blocking. Running a 4.48 40 with a 36in vertical leap he is a WR in a TE’s body and is purely a pass catcher. AZ has a very good #2 TE starting w/ 6″6 TE Max Williams who’s one of the elite blocking TE’s in the NFL ranking in the top 5 via PFF and has is a very solid pass catcher.
    AZ’s run game should again be one of the NFL’s best easily fielding a top 5 unit after fielding the 2nd best rushing offense in the NFL last season Via DVOA. Kenyan Drake is an elite dual threat back, #2RB Chase Edmonds is a dual threat AVG over 5+ YPC last year until he tore his hamstring. And Arizona got an absolute steal in drafting ASU’s Eno Benjamin who’s been a beast all camp long and also doubles as a good pass catcher. And every snap teams have to worry about Kyler Murray pulling the ball down and taking off which makes their rushing offense very hard to defend.

    Arizona’s defense also is greatly improved and should be very solid this year as they added some very good players in F/A & the draft. Up front AZ will have a vicious pass rush w/ Elite All-Pro OLB Chandler Jones who will be even harder to stop now that he is a 3T pass rushing beast right next to him in DT Jordan Phillips (9.5 sacks n 2019) along w/ NT Corey Peters who’s a very solid DT next to him. DT Zach Allen who’s an excellent pass rusher and a tackling machine is now healthy going into YR2 after missing his rookie year with an injury and AZ drafted two stud DT’s in 6″6-330pd DT Leki Fotu who is a mountain of a man along w/ LSU’s 6″4-307pd Reshard Lawerence who’s a very good pass rusher. Across from Chandler Jones Arizona went out and signed a very good above average #2 OLB in Devon Kennard who’s coming off a 7.5 sack season.
    At ILB Arizona is MASSIVELY improved as it was one of the weak spots of their defense in 2019 but now should be a top 5 to 10 ILB corps in the NFL. AZ has a top 10 ILB in 6″2 Jordan Hicks who’s a tackling machine and awesome in coverage, he will be much better in 2020 now that he isn’t doing every in the middle alone. Arizona went out and signed another absolute stud ILB in free agency signing 6″4/235pd ILB DeVondre Campbell who had 129 tackles, 6TKLs for loss, 2.5 sacks, 2INTs & 5PD’s last season. AZ also was able to draft arguably the best defensive player in the 2019 draft in 6″4-240pd Isaiah Simmons who with 4.39 speed and a 40in vertical leap can do it all. Simmons is BEAST in coverage and rushing the QB and will be the 3rd ILB on the field.
    AZ’s secondary is loaded as well starting with Elite All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson who was one of the top CB’s in the NFL over the last 4 weeks of the season once he starting understanding his role in Vance Joseph’s defense. Peterson has a full camp and will be starting from week 1 this year so he is in All-Pro form. AZ has a very sound solid above average #2CB in 6″2 Dre Kirkpatrick which allows AZ 2nd year CB Byron Murphy to slide inside to the slot which is his natural position where he also is ready to break out going into his 2nd YR. At Safety Arizona has two excellent young starters starting with Elite All-Pro Safety Budda Baker who’s one of the best safeties in the NFL and who will be even better now that he a much improve pass rush up front. Last year AZ landed an absolute steal at FS drafting 6ft/190pd FS Jalen Thompson who was a stud as a rookie posting an PFF Coverage grade of 77.1 in year 1.

    Arizona is set to be a much improved team this year as Murray has a massively improved defense that he can actually rely on this season which will make a big difference in the win loss column. Offensively AZ has one of the best most loaded offensive rosters in the NFL going into Murray’s 2nd season that should be a top 5-8 offense this next year in Murray’s 2nd season. AZ’s roster is littered with talent on both sides of the ball and the Cardinals are ready to really take off in year 2 under Kyler Murray and will be a greatly improved ball club.

  8. I am a Texans fan and I agree with the trade of Hopkins for several reasons.

    1st – Hopkins wanted 20+ million per year or was planning on holding out at the start of the 2020 season, with 3 years left on his contract.

    2nd – Hopkins averaged 77 yards per game last year and had a total of 7 TD’s, 4 TD’s in 2 games, which means Hopkins scored 3 TD’s in 13 games last year. Let me say that again, 3 TD’s in 13 games last year.

    3rd – Comparing 2017 – 2019 Hopkins took a huge drop in production in Yards per Reception.
    2017 Y/R 14.7 yards, 2018 Y/R 13.7, 2019 Y/R 11.2!
    In 3 years, Hopkins has lost 3.5 yards per reception!

    4th – Comparing 2017 – 2019 Hopkins took a huge drop in production in TD’s per Year.
    2017 TD’s 13, 2018 TD’s 11, 2019 TD’s 7!
    In 3 years, Hopkins has lost nearly 50% of his TD production!

    5th – Longest Reception per year.
    2017 72 yards
    2018 49 yards
    2019 43 yards

    With improved QB play from Watson, you would think Hopkins would have increased production, not a downward trend in 3 critical stats. It is clear to me, Hopkins has lost a step, and his career is on a downward trend. I have never heard of an NFL player getting faster in year(s) 8 -12! Father Times says the players get slower, not faster.

    6th – In 6 playoff games, Hopkins has 1 TD. Hopkins either vanishes or is game planned out of the offense by the opposing playoff teams.

    These are my 6 reasons Hopkins was shipped out of Houston.

    Smart teams pay QB, LT, and Edge Rushers the big bucks, which is where the Texans have, and/or will, spent the big bucks. Smart teams do not pay a declining, while still good possession WR, but declining, WR, 20+ million for the next 5 years, 2020 – 2024. Paying Hopkins 20+ million for the next 5 years would have put the Texans in salary cap HELL!

    I expect Hopkins as a Cards WR to be double teamed every play and with 6 games against the Ram, 49r’s, and Seahawks, his production will probably continue a downward trend, IMHO!

    Remember the Texans won the AFC South with Brock at QB and has won the AFC South 4 of the last 5 seasons! Even with bonehead Bob!

    I expect the Texans to be the #3 seed in the AFC!

  9. So the Offensive Rookie if the Year Award is meaningless because Gacy and Vince Young won it and were Medicare thereafter. How bout Randy Moss, Rothlisberger, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris, Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Franco Hatris, Adrian Peyerson, Earl Campbell……..they all won. How did there careers work out?

  10. These running QBs will rule the league , you can literally run for yardage on every pass play especially emptie sets just run all the WRs down field and if something isn’t open just run and slide … you can’t touch to make them pay for it anymore ..
    NFL has become a joke

  11. Florio made a great point talking about DeAndre Hopkins earlier today. The Texans were extremely unwise in not paying DeAndre Hopkins considering Hopkins $18-$18.5M per year average is less than Amari Cooper makes per year. Hopkins got 2YRs/54.5$ Million in new money, Yea, but he still has 3 years left on his old contract so it averages $18M per year. Flatout ridiculous that Bill O’Brian couldn’t get that deal done and then traded away arguably the best WR in THE NFL for a broken down injury prone RB along with albatross of a contract along with a 2nd round pick. O and they also GAVE AZ A 4TH ROUND PICK in return to take one of the best WR’s of all time off of their hands. I dont understand the Texans fan who back Bill O’Brian.

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