Ryan Shazier “retiring from the game I love”

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Ryan Shazier, the Steelers linebacker who suffered a serious spinal cord injury during a game in December of 2017, has officially announced his retirement.

Despite the serious injury, Shazier’s retirement announcement was a statement of love for the sport of football.

“When I was five years old I made the greatest discovery of my life: I discovered a game I love, the game of football. Ever since then, I’ve given my life to the game. I love everything about it, playing it, practicing it, studying it, watching it, talking about it and thinking about it. Football gave me everything I could ever want and more. It taught me about hard work, dedication, teamwork, it took me to college and the NFL, it made me money and gave me a life that most people could only dream about. I’m here today to make sure the world loves how much I love the game of football,” Shazier said.

Shazier said he now wants to step away from the game to see what else life has in store for him. His football career didn’t end the way he hoped, but he sounds nothing but grateful about his past and optimistic about his future. Steelers fans and fans of every NFL team will wish him luck in the future.

40 responses to “Ryan Shazier “retiring from the game I love”

  1. A very wise decision.
    May you find some other way to work in or around the game you love, thanks for the memories, and enjoy a long and happy life with your loved ones.

  2. Great player and person that overcame a horrific injury. Glad he is retiring rather than risking being hurt again. Classy move last year from the Steelers to have him under contract to give more time towards his NFL pension. Best of luck from Ravens country.

  3. I’m sure most admire his perseverance in trying to get back to the game he loves, but this is no doubt the best decision for himself, as well as his family. I hope he gets a shot at being a coach, or even a tv analyst in the future so he can continue to care for his family.

  4. He sounds very articulate. He’s got a tremendous story overcoming the terrible injury. I hope he considers public speaking. We need success stories like this to remind us all is not lost and you push forward to your goal.

  5. Good luck in whatever you choose to do, you will succeed if you have half the determination you had towards playing again. This is a man who should be a hero for today’s youth.

  6. Tip my hat to the Steelers organization for letting him retire when he was ready and continue paying his Salary.His career earnings at 18 million will be more than enough to enjoy life and continue rehab to get better as best as possible.Hopefully one Day he can be a Coach and continue his passion for Football

  7. He’ll get a book deal if he doesn’t already have one. Young players should look to him as both a cautionary tale and an inspiration.
    Steelers will gladly hire him as a scout or coaching assistant if he wants to get back in after a break.

  8. His story makes you appreciate every day and enjoy the things that are dear to us. Take nothing for granted.

  9. With the severity of the injury, it did not seem likely that he would ever play again. I’m glad to see him walking and hope his physical recovery continues. I have never been a Steelers fan, but Shazier was a great competitor.

  10. I’m certain that if he still wants to remain in football, he won’t have any shortage of offers. Coach, Coordinator, Head Coach, Front Office, He’ll be a tremendous asset wherever he ends up.

  11. The best is yet to come, Ryan. You have been an inspiring story of climbing back from incredible adversity. I wish you the best in the next chapter of your life.

  12. He will continue to be an inspiration to others no matter what he does. Glad he realizes there are many doors open to him.

  13. Great player and a credit to humanity. He was probably headed for a Hall Of Fame career until that awful injury.
    Good luck in your retirement Ryan and all football fans wish you the best.

  14. He is a winner, highly self-motivated, and will be successful at whatever he decides to pursue. Good luck Ryan.

  15. What happened to Shazier should be a part of tackling instruction at all levels, & especially the youth level. A lot of coaches, fans, & parents thunderously applause the powerful hits that result from lowering the crown of the helmet, & don’t realize the risks of that. The risk of paralysis, serious injury, and/or death are real & it does happen. Shazier was known for hitting like this & was lauded for the huge hits by people that could care less about his health.

    If you tackle appropriately, this can’t happen.

  16. I wish Ryan and his family only the best of fortunes in the future. He’s hero material. Look up to this guy, kids.

  17. Standing Ovation! All the things he said football taught him (hard work, dedication, and teamwork) certainly will serve him well in his next pursuit.

  18. Glad he is retiring, sad he had too. Great player and a good dude. Good luck to him. Pretty big steelers hater but much respect to the org. For honoring his contract.

  19. That man is a warrior. Coming back as far as he has is miraculous. Wishing nothing but the best for him with whatever he chooses to do next.

  20. Ravens fan here. I could easily see this guy in the booth as an analyst or color guy. He’ll succeed no matter what he does. All the best

  21. Glad that he’s healthy and is smart enough to walk away from the game while he’s still able to. If he gets into coaching, hopefully he’ll teach younger players not to lead with their heads.

  22. The rest of his life will be much better than one or a few more years of NFL. I would have been alarmed had he tried to go back onto a football field to play.

  23. Love Ryan from his time as a buckeye but he’s exhibit A on why you don’t lead with your neck. Same for Burfict.

  24. All the very best. I have no doubt that football will continue to play a big part in your life.

  25. I wish Ryan Shazier the best. I was completely paralyzed at 24 as a result of an accident. Definitely changed the course of my life but I am living a great productive and fulfilling life and still going strong at 53. You have your whole life ahead of you. Go live your adventure with an open mind and with love in your heart.

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