Tua Tagovailoa lands on injury report

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On one hand, he fully participated in practice. On the other hand, he’s on the injury report.

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was listed on the first Dolphins injury report of the year as fully participating in practice despite a hip injury.

Presumably, it’s the same hip injury that he suffered last season at Alabama. (It would be quite the coincidence if it were a different hip injury.) Though he’s not expected to play against the Patriots on Sunday, it’s telling that the supposedly healthy Tagovailoa is still dealing with the aftereffects of the 2019 injury.

The fact that he fully participated in practice means it’s no big deal. The fact that he’s on the report likely means that he received some sort of treatment for the injury.

Limited in practice for the Dolphins on Wednesday were tight end Mike Gesicki (glute), cornerback Xavien Howard (knee), cornerback Byron Jones (achilles), receiver DeVante Parker (hamstring), linebacker Kyle Van Noy (hand), and receiver Preston Williams (knee).

The Dolphins open the season with their annual trip to New England and a showdown with the Patriots.

22 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa lands on injury report

  1. Wowwww his career is already over before it starts, just another dolphin front office debacle!

  2. IMO Tua needs this whole year to fully recuperate. I’d like to see him succeed in the future.

  3. The Dolphins ran Tannehill out of town because he had a history of injuries and then turned around to draft a player with a history of injuries. The fans will have to get used to seeing Tua on the injury report.

  4. It could also be an excuse to avoid the “When do we start Tua?” questions.

    If he’s still recovering, you don’t risk it. If he’s 100%, maybe you do play him, or at least have to answer for not playing him.

  5. What happened to all those paid for Doctors of his leading up to the draft who said he was perfectly healthy and healing at Super human rate LOL!!! It’s a bit telling that guy is already injured and he’s a BACK-UP who hasn’t been touched yet.

  6. Would expect to see this a lot in the next few years until he is a backup. It is not just the hip injury. He has a long background of injuries. His ankle, hands and even leg injuries from high school on.

  7. If they’re smart they’ll keep Tua at #3 for the entire season. Let him heal for certain. Let him learn without pressure. It will only benefit him and the team in the long run. Rushing him onto the field won’t serve any purpose.

    Too many young QBs are rushed into service in the NFL due to nothing more than impatience. The teams and fans put impossible expectations on them. If they fail they’re called a “bust” when in reality it’s just teams mismanaging valuable resources and then blaming the player.

  8. Fitzpatrick is the absolute perfect choice to run the offense for a year. Let Tua learn behind a cerebral QB that is off the charts intelligent, let him heal fully then turn it over to him next year. It also helps that Fitzpatrick will know that part of his job is to bring Tua along, some vets can’t stand helping the young guys and I can’t see Fitz having much issue with that.

  9. AFW AFW says:

    If they’re smart they’ll keep Tua at #3 for the entire season


    That is incredibly hard to do when you have 2 Quarterbacks

  10. Rushing him out there to start would be a horrible idea even if he was healthy. For every guy who swims in that situation about a dozen end up sinking and their development is completely thrown off as a result. Could well be a blessing he’s still a bit banged up so the Dolphins will have an excuse for not instantly throwing him out there.

  11. Needs at least a full year to recover from an injury as devastating as what he suffered. Would be shocked if he gets anywhere near suiting up this season.

  12. What happened to he’s 100%? Did the Dolphins know he was still having hip issues when they drafted him? How did he pass a physical?

  13. This is a complete non story! He is listed because he it’s the injury report and he has had a hip injury! He is practicing fully, participated fully in their intrasquad scrimmage, and if needed to play, he could play! I would prefer he doesn’t have to play all season and Fitz guides the Fins in 2020, but this is nothing more than Miami listing a player on the injury report as required.

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