Considering the candidates for offensive player of the year, with a twist

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Wednesday’s PFT Live included a draft with a slight twist: Offensive player of the year candidates, but with quarterbacks omitted.

Not that the quarterbacks historically have dominated the award. Over the last 48 years, quarterbacks have won it 20 times and running backs have won it 25 times. But the current NFL has a significant concentration of highly-talented quarterbacks, so we decided to leave them out of this one, both to showcase other players and to make the process a little more challenging.

Our picks appear in the attached video. Check it out, and then post your thoughts in the comments.

And remember: We left out the quarterbacks.

Thursday’s PFT Live will have a draft with a similar approach. We’ll draft the most important persons for tonight’s season-opening game in Kansas City, with the quarterbacks omitted. The show begins live at 7:00 a.m. ET on Peacock and SiriusXM 211. Our friends in the UK and in Ireland will see it at 7:00 local time, as the early appetizer to a late-night (for them) football game.