Dolphins explain in powerful video why they will stay inside for anthem

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The Dolphins won’t leave anyone guessing about their intentions for the national anthem before their season opener Sunday. They will stay in the locker room while Lift Every Voice and Sing, known as the black national anthem, and the national anthem are played.

The team made a statement about social justice Thursday in a powerful video with several players each reading a line. They expressed their discontent with “fluff and empty gestures.”

The video ends with coach Brian Flores throwing down the hammer: “Before the media starts wondering and guessing, they answered all your questions. We’ll just stay inside.”

Is it authentic? That’s the mystery,” the video begins. “Or is it just another symbolic victory? Now there’s two anthems. Do we kneel? Do we stand? If we could just right our wrongs we wouldn’t need two songs. We don’t need another publicity parade. So we’ll just stay inside until it’s time to play the game.

“Whatever happened to the fund that were promised? All of a sudden, we’ve got a glass pocket. The bottom line should not be the net profit. You can’t open your heart when it’s controlled by your wallet. Decals and patches, fireworks and trumpets, we’re not puppets. Don’t publicize false budgets. Ask the pundits and we shouldn’t have a say. If you speak up for change, then I’ll shut up and play. If we remain silent, that would just be selfish. Since they don’t have a voice, we’re speaking up for the helpless. It’s not enough to act like you care for the troops. Millions get paid for patriotism. You get paid to salute. Lift Every Voice and Sing is just a way to save face. Lose the mask and stop hiding the real game face. So if my dad was a solider but the cops killed my brother, do I stand for one anthem and then kneel for the another? This attempt to unify only creates more divide. So we’ll skip this song and dance, and as a team we’ll stay inside. We need changed hearts, not just a response to pressure. Enough. No more fluff and empty gestures. We need owners with influence and pockets bigger than ours to call up officials and flex political power. When education is not determined by where we reside, and we have the means to purchase what the doctor prescribed and you fight for prison reform and innocent lives, and you repair the communities that were tossed to the side, and you admit you gained from it and you swallowed your pride, and when greed is not the compass but love is the guide and when the courts don’t punish skin color but punish the crime, until then we’ll just skip the long production and stay inside. For centuries, we’ve been trying to make you aware. Either you’re in denial or just simply don’t really care. It’s not a black, white thing. Or a left, right thing. Let’s clean the whole bird and stop arguing about which wing.”

After a long pause, Flores delivers his line, while wearing a “Vote” shirt.

New Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones hinted at the video earlier this week, saying, “Our team has something coming.”

30 responses to “Dolphins explain in powerful video why they will stay inside for anthem

  1. I respect what the Texans did and what the Dolphins plan to do. Don’t want to be disrespectful to either so just remove yourself.

  2. I’m just so proud of my Miami Dolphins! What a courageous and thoughtful bunch of guys. I hope this carries into their play Sunday in Foxboro!

  3. This really leads to the question of why the national anthem is played before sporting events at all. I’ve never really understood that.

    I mean, it’s entertainment, not some civic function. During a patriotic parade or event, absolutely. But before a football game?

    Let’s be real. Once the anthem is over, no one is thinking about the history of the USA, or the military, or social causes.

  4. Why are so many people so blind as to what is going to happen. A fragile viewership is being driven away from sports. We do not want politics in sports. We enjoy sports. Using ones platform to force issues to be seen by sports fans is just driving the fans away. Agree or disagree with the message is really irrelevant. We will just tune out and the monies will dry up.The end will come soon enough. Salaries are paid by the viewership and as more and more walk away the money also goes away. It is a real shame that we will lose pro sports because we allow this to happen.

  5. Some talk about opening wallets (owners wallets, mainly, one would presume). Average player compensation is approaching $4.5-$5.0 million per player all in. That’s an extraordinary amount of money. What are players doing with their money to implement change? I probably missed some of the announcements (and, many do the right thing without announcing it, which is the way it should be), but there are almost 2k players in the league. How many are opening their wallets?

  6. “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

  7. If they put half as much thought into their gameplan as they did for this, they might be a damn good team.

  8. “ What are players doing with their money to implement change?”

    A lot, of you actually take the time to look into it. Social politics aside, when you make that kind of money, it’s beneficial for the player to have a way to ease their tax burden by contributing to a nonprofit, etc. but not only that, most players also contribute a lot of their free time helping in the community, whether it be fund raising for a cause or showing up to help by being a role model for kids.

    What players don’t have is the political connections that come with being an old, white billionaire like the team owners.

  9. This was powerful. Proud of the steps forward they’re taking, even with the backlash they’re going to get from this. Very Powerful. Keep going fellas, we’re going to get there.

  10. As a Pats fan, well done Phins!

    Nothing political with this video. People thumbs down and angry comments are just fools.

  11. Screw all these idiots forgetting about 9/11 anniversary and no mention at all about remembering the victims and their families as country said We Will Never Forget ! Guess Dolphins and NFL have forgotten 🤦‍♂️ Just embarrassing. Could have done everything week 2

  12. “ Screw all these idiots forgetting about 9/11“

    As a country, we will NEVER forget one of the darkest days in American history. That said, there’s a lot going on this year. For example, more people died from COVID-19 during the hours of the RNC than all of the people that died during 9/11. Furthermore, more Americans have now died from COVID-19 in 7 months than all of the Americans ever killed by Al Qaeda since 9/11. Let that set in for a minute.

    9/11 was a horrible day. But we’re also living through a horrible year. And I haven’t even addressed the reason for the protests.

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