Josh Rosen sees Tampa as a place he can “become a better football player”

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When Josh Rosen went 10th overall in the 2018 draft, the last thing on anyone’s mind was that he’d be on a practice squad to open his third NFL season.

A trade from the Cardinals to the Dolphins after his first season and the arrival of Tua Tagovailoa in Miami after his second season conspired to push Rosen in an unexpected direction. He’s now on the Tampa practice squad and said on Thursday that he expects to remain with the Bucs even if teams come calling about active roster opportunities.

“I’m definitely here for the year,” Rosen said, via Greg Auman of “I think four in three years would be brutal.”

Rosen said he sees a Buccaneers quarterback room with Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich as “a place where I could become a better football player.” Leftwich coached Rosen during his rookie season in Arizona and believes the quarterback is “going to help us” over the course of the season.

11 responses to “Josh Rosen sees Tampa as a place he can “become a better football player”

  1. Josh is like those contestants on American Idol that are so bad you wonder why someone who loved them didn’t save them the embarrassment

  2. This could be a huge oppertunity for Josh if he taps into all of the coaching and mentoring he has available to him. He could emerge from this a hell of a football player.

  3. He has never been accused as being stupid. He knows how to think for himself. What better place for him to learn. Brady wasn’t the most gifted passer either. This is without a doubt the best situation he could have put himself in. Let the haters hate.

  4. 1st Round Draft pick of the Cardinals who take a QB #1 overall the following year. Traded. One year with the Dolphins where he was absolutely dreadful. Dolphins take a QB with their first 1st Round pick. Try to trade Rosen, but instead release him. He clears waivers and takes a deal to join the TB Practice Squad. Not get signed to be on an active roster, but a Practice Squad. Now he’s going to transform into a real NFL QB? Yeah, I doubt it.

  5. If I were Josh Rosen, who is a smart guy, and was 23 and had earned $ $17,597,760 I’d realize I’m not going to be an NFL QB and go back to school or go into the workforce and do something I find interesting. Not retire and sit on a beach, but find something I enjoy doing.

    Now maybe he can eventually become a backup QB. Maybe. So what? He has enough money and he will never be even so-so as a QB, so why not move on with your life.

  6. he expects to remain with the Bucs even if teams come calling about active roster opportunities

    Now that’s funny. Maybe he can get into standup comedy once his NFL career is over, which is probably soon. In spite of what one poster said, he hasn’t been better than David Carr. He hasn’t been better than JaMarcus Russell. He hasn’t been better than Ryan Leaf. At least those guys started for more than a year. It didn’t even take the Cards that long to realize Rosen was not the answer. I don’t get why so many people are defending him. In his year with the cards he has a QBR of 24.1. He had games of 3.0, 3.3 and 2.0 with 11 TDs and 14 INTs. He averaged 162.7 yard per game passing. He probably played even worse with Miami. I would not be surprised if this is not his last stop nor would I not be surprised if he’s completely out of the NFL by next year. He just does not seem to be an NFL-caliber QB. He reminds me of Johnny Manziel except for the partying.

  7. This is Josh Rosen first opportunity where he isn’t look at as the Franchise Savor QB. He wasn’t a complete pro QB when he was drafted, despite what Josh thought. This is an opportunity to learn what is expected of a pro QB. He needs to embrace it. This way the NFL World will know what Josh is made of.

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