Kyle Shanahan on California fires: Looks like an apocalyptic state out there

Getty Images

The 49ers had to change their schedule for a practice in August because of the impact that wildfires were having on the air quality at their training facility and they’ve been watching the skies again this week as a new crop of fires have sent smoke and ash into the air around the Bay Area.

Those fires aren’t in the 49ers’ immediate area, but the team is keeping tabs on them to make sure it is safe to practice. Despite ominous orange skies and falling ash that head coach Kyle Shanahan said made it look like an “apocalyptic state out there,” the air quality numbers were much better than they were in August.

“Surprisingly, the air quality doesn’t seem as bad as it looks,” Shanahan said, via Nick Wagoner of “A few weeks ago when we had it or last week, it got up, it got past 150 here for us. But today when we were just out there 15 minutes ago, that air quality was at 69, I think, which isn’t close to what it’s been. It definitely looked different out there.”

The 49ers are hosting the Cardinals on Sunday, so those numbers will continue to be monitored in the coming days to be sure that it’s safe to kick off the season as scheduled.