Saquon Barkley on possible anthem protest: We want to do it the right way

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NFL players still are discussing how they will use their voices in Week One.

Some players already have committed individually to kneeling during the national anthem. Others, though, want to make a statement as a team.

The Chiefs and Texans have discussed staying in the locker room for the national anthem tonight as a joint demonstration, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports. Darius Leonard said the Colts want to “make a bold statement” and “show unity as a team.”

Running back Saquon Barkley said Giants’ captains will talk today with the rest of the team about what they plan to do during the national anthem.

“We want it to be team-oriented,” Barkley said, via Ralph Vacchiano of, “where we find a way to do it in the right way, where we can still have impact.”

Colin Kaepernick first protested social injustice during the anthem in 2016.

Players have sat, taken a knee and stayed in the locker room since, and George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis in May has revived players’ desire to protest police brutality, social injustice and racial inequality.

10 responses to “Saquon Barkley on possible anthem protest: We want to do it the right way

  1. Just personally speaking – having, whatever it is they do, during the anthem has the exact opposite effect as they want. If they did it apart from the anthem – I would be more inclined to listen to what cause they are trying to help. Again, thats just me.

  2. Stand at attention!
    On your own time work with inner city youth on the benefits of education and staying out of a Gang!

  3. There is no right way to do it that would satisfy the flag brigade. Go for it players, ignore the neanderthals.

  4. Standing or kneeling for a song is the absolute least anyone can do for any cause.

    If you’re a true patriot, you will show it by honestly paying all of your income taxes. Anything less is just that … all show and no go.

  5. What exactly does the National Anthem or the American flag have to do with police brutality? Why can’t the players protest with social media, rather than upsetting their client base & disrespecting our military by kneeling? You can’t protest inside your workplace, so why are the players protesting on the field, which includes the sidelines? It seems obvious that the players chose the national anthem to cause strife, despite what they offically say.

  6. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a backroom deal for tonights game…the players protest and no game tonight…league has a deal with the teams and the network to play on Saturday.

  7. To be fair as a Canadian I may just not understand this relentless passion so many Americans seem to have for your anthem. As an adult I do understand and see that there are significant and disturbing racial issues that are much more prevalent in the US than most other first world countries. You all have to see this right? Why do otherwise reasonable and smart adults feel it’s okay to even contemplate ignoring these dispacable practices that are happening because some who want to raise awareness to the issue are doing so during the national anthem. Unbelievable, you will be on the wrong side of history. Signed off by a middle age me cacausion btw.

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