Andy Reid: Face shield was brutal, it will be better the next time

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led NFL teams, coaches and players to adopt many new protocols in order to play out the 2020 season.

One of them is the need for coaches to wear face coverings on the sideline and the one Chiefs head coach Andy Reid chose became a popular topic on social media during Thursday night’s 34-20 Chiefs win. Reid wore a plastic face shield that seemed to be fogged up every time that NBC cameras cut to him on the sideline.

Aaron Ladd of KSHB asked Reid about the face shield after the game and the coach’s response was similar to that of many people watching the game from home.

“That was brutal,” Reid said. “I didn’t do very good with that thing. Listen, it will be better the next time. I appreciate you asking that, it was a bit of a mess.”

The Chiefs have more than a week to prepare for Week Two against the Chargers and Reid’s face covering will go alongside offensive and defensive game plans as something the team has to consider.

19 responses to “Andy Reid: Face shield was brutal, it will be better the next time

  1. ive played hockey with numerous visor wearers, they all use a spray that is anti-fog. surely the nfl would know about this product

  2. He wore a shoes like that all preseason, but the cold and rain is different than the summer heat. Thank god they didn’t make players where shields on their helmets.

  3. How can you script offensive genius and not be smart enough to use an anti-fog treatment on your shield? Did he get it from his garage?

  4. That stuff usually gets worked out in the pre-season. Sports is the only thing we see live and unedited.

  5. So the players aren’t wearing masks on the sidelines, but the coaches are…hmmm. When you see Goodell in his private suite, alone, with a mask on…same thing with the Hunts and then players that just played a 3 hour game with no masks are wearing them for post game interviews…well…you know something’s up…

  6. why not simply place a “nonracial bias color” on the bottom 75% of the shield anyway? coaches are always covering their mouths as it is to prevent the lip readers gaining intel

  7. Lot of mentions to anti-fog sprays… Just a heads up, in perfection conditions it helps. I work 50-120 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, those sprays don’t do a dam.

  8. Typical NFL CLUELESS Reid looked like he was working from inside a cooler surprising there were no icicles on his mustache

  9. “ive played hockey with numerous visor wearers, they all use a spray that is anti-fog. surely the nfl would know about this product”


    The league probably declined to pay the extra five bucks for it.

  10. It does seem wildly inconsistent that a few people on the field have to wear a mask but the lion’s share do not. Seems like a wasted effort, I doubt Andy’s face shield is going to actually prevent spread if the virus sneaks lnto the stadium.

  11. Perhaps instead of face shields they could use the Salvador Dali’s masks like the robbers in Netflix’s Money Heist…

  12. Play a complete game without a mask and then have one on during interview, Isn’t everyone shaking their heads on all the NFL first game question marks. Does anyone remember the score

  13. His shield wasn’t fogged up. It was blurred on purpose so you couldn’t read his lips. No need to hold his play sheet in front of his mouth. It was that way from the beginning.

  14. Wait til big Andy does that coughing thing when he gets nervous. He won’t be able to raise his fist and catch the spittle. It’s gonna get real ugly man.

  15. The NFL has been testing like crazy, so I’m not all that freaked about players and coaches who have been tested and following other protocols not wearing masks or social distancing on game days. It’s not like they are in a bar with a bunch of randoms who haven’t been tested. I’m all for general safety and masks in general, but there’s no reason to go all nuts about masking up in this scenario.

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