Brian Flores: I think we can all do better

Getty Images

The Dolphins announced their plans to remain in the locker room during the playing of both the national anthem and Lift Every Voice and Sing when they take on the Patriots Sunday in a video calling for social justice action rather than “fluff and empty gestures.”

Head coach Brian Flores’ voice was one of those heard in the video and he discussed how it came together during his Friday videoconference with reporters. He said the team’s director of player engagement Kaleb Thornhill “did a great job opening up the lines of communication” in what was a player-driven move to make a statement and that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was supportive of the message sent by the team.

In the video, the Dolphins said the league’s “attempt to unify only creates more divide” and Flores said Friday that the team’s goal is “to create unity, not divide.”

“I think we can all do better,” Flores said, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post.

Other teams have not revealed their own plans for Week One, but, as we saw on Thursday night, the Dolphins are not going to be alone in making a statement related to the playing of the two anthems.