Chiefs ran the ball more than they threw it last night

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Last year, the Chiefs on average called 37.56 pass plays per game (attempts plus sacks), and they ran the ball 23.43 times per game. Last night, it was a far difference ratio.

The Chiefs ran the ball 34 times in their 34-20 win over the Texans, with 33 pass plays called (32 attempts and one sack). Of those 34 carries, rookie first-rounder Clyde Edwards-Helaire ran the ball 25 times for 138 yards and a touchdown.

The performance officially makes the Chiefs a pick-your-poison offense. So if a defense backs off to keep everything in front of it and to avoid being burned deep and forces the Chiefs to be patient and methodical, they will. And they did last night, wearing down the Houston defense with an 11-play touchdown drive followed by a 16-play touchdown drive to turn a 7-0 deficit into a 14-7 lead that the Chiefs would never relinquish.

It helped that the Chiefs have plenty of continuity on both sides of the ball. Indeed, at times it seemed like the Chiefs were playing their first game of the regular season and the Texans were playing their first game of the preseason.

This isn’t a knock on the Texans. Of all the games on their schedule this year, going back to the scene of a 51-31 thrashing to face the defending champions on the night they raised the banner is the toughest. Few teams could have avoided what the Chiefs did last night. The question becomes whether they’ll keep doing it, taking whatever the defense gives them and either vanquishing the opponent quickly or slowly but either way inevitably.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, what was the Chief’s Run/ Pass ratio before they moved their score beyond the 30 point mark?

  2. I picked Edwards-Helaire in the first round of two fantasy drafts so I was thrilled with how the Chiefs used him. However, he certainly doesn’t appear to be a goal-line back. He got at least 8 carries inside the 5-yard line and got stuffed every time.

  3. What should alarm the rest of the NFL is that the Chiefs now have a full-fledged offense that is adaptable to almost any defense. I was surprised at how awful Houston’s defense was (despite the spin of the announcers of the game). It was apparent that the Chiefs were willing to deploy their “death by a thousand cuts” offense and take time off the clock and to eat yardage in small bits. And the Houston defense could not do jack.

    Houston had a chance – they decided to give up on the run and then put the ball in the hands of a not very talented QB – and he once again proved he only deserves league minimum – and should NEVER be considered a top 10 QB. Without ONE RECEIVER, we finally saw that DeeShawn is a running back who THINKS he can throw. Well, he couldn’t until garbage time and he padded his stats once again.

  4. Nevermind, i went back and counted (hopefully correct) 18 runs, 11 passes, before they Put the Game Out of reach, and basically ran out the clock on the Texans, making the numbers even more lopsided pro pass- 3 Pass plays vs 11 Run plays.
    That’s a final tally of either 22/16 pro pass, or 30/ 23, depending on the definitive moment you would like to dedicate the “running Out the clock” Award to.
    So… No.
    They still are a Pass First offense. Sorry.

  5. “Few teams could have avoided what the Chiefs did last night.”

    That sounds like what Bill O’Brien is trying to tell the owner today. Texans have given up 84 points in two games to the Chiefs and this was once a team who considered their defense to be their strong suit. Yes, the Chiefs are awesome offensively but the Texans look totally lost on D.

  6. The Chiefs have yet another way to get it done. This should scare the bejesus out of the rest of the league.

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