Cowboys add voidable year to DeMarcus Lawrence’s contract for cap purposes

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The Cowboys are continuing to create cap space.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the team has added a one-year voidable extension to defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence‘s contract. They did that by converting $15 million of his $16.9 million salary to a signing bonus.

Dallas created $12 million of cap space for this season through the move. They recently opened up another $8 million in space by reworking right guard Zack Martin‘s deal.

The $20 million in additional cap room gives the Cowboys space to make moves this season, but their view may be on 2021. Teams can roll over unused cap space, which would come in handy with the cap potentially dropping as low as $175 million for next season and quarterback Dak Prescott still looking for a long-term deal.

4 responses to “Cowboys add voidable year to DeMarcus Lawrence’s contract for cap purposes

  1. If Dak signs a long term deal then his cap hit will be lower next year. Still the Jones already said multiple times that it has to make Sense for Both sides so those experts “claiming “ that Dak holds all the leverage Never been More wrong. Dak is NOT a $40 mil per QB and just because he is the next QB Up in line doesn’t mean he is the Beat QB Up in line. You get paid what your worth not what the going rate is. I mean if That is your only case Shanon Sharp and the rest of the media experts then Andy Dalton is up for a contract as well so by your way of thinking Dalton is a 40 mil per year Abbas well. ? Crazy . Your arguments don’t hold water! If Dak played for Jacksonville then he would be a below average QB. Zeke and Dlaw were the Best BEST at their positions at time of Top Dollar they got paid, as did Mahomes being Top at his. Dak has been offered top 3 QB money he keeps saying no. So don’t put this on the Jones!

  2. Usually converting salary for signing bonus is an easy cap fix, but this year there is an added team risk, if games are missed because of COVID-19 the signing bonus won’t be touch, but salaries will be prorated.

  3. thats alot of cap money to push back into future years so they can keep resigning players who were part of a roster that could not make the playoffs last year and choke in the playoffs when they do get in…

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