Mike McCarthy: Dak Prescott showed tremendous strength talking about depression

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott revealed recently that he sought help for depression and anxiety this offseason, and that made Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy admire Prescott even more.

McCarthy said today that he has been impressed with everything he has seen from Prescott since becoming the Cowboys’ coach this year, and he is particularly impressed that Prescott decided to use his platform to spread an important message about mental health.

“I can’t say enough about him,” McCarthy said. “He impresses me at every turn. I think his strength, and his ability to be transparent on his personal challenges that he’s fighting through, I think is something that shows tremendous strength. I admire him for it.”

By speaking openly about his own mental health treatment, Prescott may very well inspire some of his fans to seek mental health treatment that they’ve previously avoided. McCarthy is right to commend Prescott for sharing his personal experience.

24 responses to “Mike McCarthy: Dak Prescott showed tremendous strength talking about depression

  1. No matter the team you love, this human has gone thru an awful lot this off-season and he’s been remarkably resilient. I truly wish him well.
    If you’re struggling with anxiety, uncontrolled thought patterns or anxiety please seek help and know that you are not alone. This is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of.

    Go Hawks

  2. Talking heads like Skip Bayless should be ashamed. Kudos to Dak from a Redsk….Washington Football Team fan. Being public with his struggles shows strength, not weakness.

  3. McCarthy is right. It takes courage to realize you need help.
    All the best to Dak and I have no doubt he’ll overcome his issues.

  4. Yup for sure… Dak is a good dude. He seems very authentic and real. Skip Bayless really swung and missed on this one. He should probably apologize to Dak in person.

  5. Big ups to Dak. Excellent example of expressing vulnerability and leadership while using his platform to spread a message that, as Florio stated, every human on the planet should here.

    In 2020 we are so incredibly wrapped up in societal ills that individuals in crisis are suffering in silence, or their pain is going unnoticed. Hopefully Dak’s message will encourage others suffering from depression to use their voices to seek help, whether it be from a professional, a friend, or a family member. Go Cowboys.

  6. I don’t typically have nice things to say about Cowboys, but Dak is a standup guy and it shows a lot of guts and maturity to open up like that. Mental illness is no joke and it’s not a stretch to say that he helped a lot of people by doing that and maybe even saved some lives.

    That being said I hope his team goes 0-16 for the next twenty-five years.

  7. Washington Football Team fan here. Big ups & respect for Dak Prescott for being a man and coming out with his grief and struggles. Skip Bayless is a fake tough guy coward who says things for shock value and attention. Just ask Troy Aikman what he thinks of Bayless.

  8. I’m glad mental health awareness isn’t being lost in the mix. It’s very near and dear to me. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen a pro athlete go public with bipolar disorder yet. It’s not far removed from depression and anxiety, so hopefully we see some bipolar athletes open up soon and give people like me more inspirations to look up to

  9. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder in ’92. I was scared to see the doctor. Lost my marriage and business THEN got help. I’ve been good for 28 years. DON’T do what I did. Man up and fix it if possible!

  10. Skip is a moron of biblical proportions. Any sane person should side with Dak on this one, and I’m an Eagles fan for goodness sakes.

  11. After reading Bayliss’ moronic take, I actually felt some pity for Skip.

    As for Prescott, major props to the guy for raising awareness of a very prsonal matter that truthfully is nobody’s business anyway. Zak gets a lot of crap from “fans”… but shouldn’t for this.

  12. There is nothing brave or noble about keeping health or mental health problems to yourself. Whether you have a lump in a lymph node or you are suffering from depression or other mental health problems, lean on those you love and seek out the professional medical help you need.

  13. Anxiety is no laughing matter. Even the drugs to cope with it can cause more problems than solutions. Hope Dak can battle through it, good luck young man!

  14. I would like to wish Dak the best and hope things work out for him. I do think he can be on of the better QBs in the league. Mike McCarthy is a good coach for him to be around.

  15. “Talking heads like Skip Bayless should be ashamed. ”

    By now it is clear, especially after his apology today, Bayless has no shame. No conscience. Not even convinced he is human. He qualified his apology by trying differentiate his depression. As if somehow one version of depression is less severe than another.

  16. I’m a psychiatric nurse. Dak has just raised awareness of mental health issues at least by 150%. I will make several copies of the article and put them in my desk to hand out to my clients. I have my own issues and disorders and this pumped me up. Dak is my hero today.

  17. His brother passed all this stuff takes awhile and then there is just a new normal nothing is ever the same

  18. Good for Dak
    I can’t imagine Jerruh’s H.R. Department would offer much help to anyone on “America’s Team” who showed vulnerability, especially if he was the quarterback.

  19. Flip Rhombus says:
    September 11, 2020 at 8:34 pm
    Depression and Anxiety are biological issue and have very little to do with a person’s mindset.
    Wrong! Depression can be caused by stressful life events, or even certain medications, as much as it can be by genetics.


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