Nashville allows bars to stay open until 30 minutes after Titans game ends

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The Titans play in the late game of the Monday night doubleheader, a game that won’t end until after midnight in the Central Time Zone. That would be a problem for fans planning to watch the game in bars, as Nashville is currently requiring bars to close by 11 p.m. as part of the city’s COVID-19 policy.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper, however, announced today that bars will be able to stay open until after the Titans’ game in Denver ends.

“Thanks to our progress in lowering the spread of COVID-19, Nashville Health approved an exception to extend restaurant and bar hours on Monday night to accommodate fans watching the first Titans game,” Cooper wrote on Twitter. “Restaurants/bars may remain open until 30 mins after the game.”

The Titans will not have any fans at their first home game, but they’re holding out hope that they can have fans at their second home game, and Cooper’s decision suggests that Nashville is trending in the right direction.

5 responses to “Nashville allows bars to stay open until 30 minutes after Titans game ends

  1. Can’t say I’d go out, but if they’re already going out might as well let them stay the whole game, just cutting them off seems cruel.

  2. Good enough during Titans games it should be good enough all the time. Picking winners and losers is killing off so much small business. The curve has flattened, hospitals are equipped, open it back up, like they said would happen…

  3. Mayor Cooper is the worst thing to happen to Nashville. Ever. He just raised property taxes by 34% “to make up for lost tourism revenue” and refuses to admit that the new tax will not decrease as tourism dollars come back.

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