Air quality may be a problem for both Cardinals-49ers and Cowboys-Rams

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On Friday, Rams coach Sean McVay said that air quality for Sunday night’s stadium-opening season opener “shouldn’t be an issue.” It still could be.

The Air Quality Index currently sits at 146 in Inglewood, site of the new Rams stadium. The threshold for potential NFL intervention/relocation is 200.

Here’s the problem: The actual numbers on the official AQI website haven’t been meshing with the forecast. For example, Inglewood’s current reading grossly exceeds the forecast for Saturday or 87. And there’s no forecast yet available for Sunday, which seems ominous given the current number.

The issue first arose in connection with the 49ers’ home game against the Cardinals in Santa Clara. As of Thursday, the AQI forecast for Sunday was in the 80s. Currently, the AQI is 183, with no specific number predicted for Sunday but the “unhealthy” range expected.

The situation bears watching throughout the day. Ultimately, not one but two of Sunday’s games — Cardinals-49ers and Cowboys-Rams — may have to be moved, without much notice.

13 responses to “Air quality may be a problem for both Cardinals-49ers and Cowboys-Rams

  1. I live on the west coast about 75 miles from the nearest fire. The air quality is at its highest level, Hazardous. Air quality “455”

  2. It’s Sat 8am I live near Santa Clara and it’s 183. Unhealthy. Zero wind. It won’t change much by Sunday. It’s almost criminal if they make these guys go out and play in this. Can’t believe the players union would allow it.

  3. Since there are few or no fans to be inconvenienced, it should be no real problem to move or reschedule the games. The league can use the same protocols that they have in place to respond to the virus.

  4. Mind boggling! A 5.1 Billion dollar stadium doesn’t have a retractable roof?! Rams and their fans now will have excuses when they go 8-8 and get blown out Sunday night!

  5. These fires need to stop. Don’t need or want any Dems moving in to my peaceful, beautiful red state and bringing their blue politics with them. There was/is an exodus from places like New York regardless. Cost of living is oppressive. Ironic. Those policies you voted in makes it oppressive. You made your bed, now lay in it and like it. Stay right where you’re at, don’t need anymore California hipsters INFESTING this great state of Texas

  6. The AQI index could be bad in Inglewood at game time tomorrow, too early to tell. I’m not sure what good a retractable roof would do, but SoFi stadium is 5 miles from the ocean, is open on several sides so as to get a lot of outside ventilation, and the roof is composed of about 330 separate panes, of which about 10% of those are retractable. And the playing field is about 100 feet below the surface of the surrounding terrain. I don’t know if any of these features would make the AQI better or worse, guess we will have to wait and see.

  7. “The new L.A. Rams stadium will be breathable beyond belief. There are a few holes in HKS’s stadium design for the Los Angeles Rams. In fact, there are 20 million. The 70,000-seater-stadium will use more than 36,000 panels of which will have 20 million perforations punched into them. Due to fabrication logistics and schedule, “only” 20 million perforations could be made with a required minimum distance of half-an-inch between each one. To get around this, though, eight different hole sizes were used to allow perforations to fall neatly in line with the panel’s edge as well as enhance the facade’s pattern.”

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