NFL won’t let Kenny Albert call Sunday’s Bears-Lions game

Getty Images

The NFL has created plenty of rules and protocols for the pandemic. Some make sense. Some don’t.

Here’s one that doesn’t, as applied to FOX’s Kenny Albert: Anyone coming in from a foreign country must quarantine for two weeks.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that the NFL won’t allow Albert to call Sunday’s Bears-Lions game, because Albert has been working in Edmonton, calling NHL playoff games for NBC.

Instead of the 52-year-old Albert, FOX has assigned 77-year-old Dick Stockton to travel to Detroit for the game.

The rule makes sense in theory, but not in application to Albert. He’s been in Canada, where the virus is under much better control than it is in the U.S. Albert also submits to multiple weekly COVID-19 tests.

Barring a change in the rules, Albert will be unable to work NFL games until he’s able to return to the United State for two weeks of quarantine.