Vikings, Dalvin Cook agree to terms on a five-year extension

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For Vikings running back Dalvin Cook, the bird in the hand was worth two in the bush. Primarily because it’s unclear whether two are even in the bush.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Vikings and running back Dalvin Cook have agreed to terms on a five-year extension.

NFL Media supplements our report with some basic numbers. The deal has a base value of $63 million, which equates to a new-money average of $12.3 million. Cook also has more than $28 million in injury guarantees at signing.

The deal is far better than Cook’s alternative. He would have rolled the dice for only $1.3 million this year, despite playing one of the most physically demanding positions in football. And if he’d made it through the season unscathed, the Vikings could have franchise-tagged him at an amount that has been dropping (due to the running back market) and will be in the range of $8.3 million if the cap craters to the agreed minimum of $175 million in 2021, due to the pandemic.

So taking the deal — which pays him above what he would have made over the next three years under the tag route — made a ton of sense for Cook, especially since the Vikings typically don’t pay players over the tag formula on a long-term deal.

Cook now has security and certainty, and the Vikings have under contract for six seasons one of the better running backs in the NFL, when healthy.

“When healthy” also was a big part of this decision. Cook has had an injury in every year of his career, starting with an ACL tear as a rookie. He knows what can happen without financial security, because he’s had it happen. Now, he has the security that, if he suffers another serious injury in 2020, he may have never had.

31 responses to “Vikings, Dalvin Cook agree to terms on a five-year extension

  1. It must start in 2021 because they have about 1 million left for this season…..not exactly on board with that amount,WOW.

  2. I’m glad they’re paying the top running backs. I know it’s a QB league, but RB’s bring in a lot of revenue. Especially the RB’s that are also great receivers. A lot of the fans play Fantasy Football, and they’re watching games a lot of the time because they want to see their Fantasy players put up points. McCaffrey had one of the great seasons ever from a RB, yet his team finished 5-11. But half the fans in the stands are wearing his jersey, and he’s a top Fantasy player. Even if you don’t play Fantasy Football, the great RB’s are fun to watch. They definitely need to make changes so that RB’s rookie contract is only 3 years.

  3. The Vikings are so much better with Dalvin Cook on the field. A lot of money in that backfield though.

  4. Amazing how players for the Vikings take less than market value to stay with a World Class organization. Should fire him up to run all over the hapless Packer running D…

  5. Where in the heck did they come up with the money? I wonder if Cousins is restructuring his deal as they were on the edge of having no cap money left after signing Ngakoue.

  6. A rare case of a team player who kept quiet, no hold out, no threat of a hold out, no media drama, did his job and got paid. A testament to his character. Played out his rookie contract, and now deserves a long term deal. Good for him.

  7. I also appreciate how Cook went about his business. He has been injury prone and when healthy is a great player! Glad to see them work things out. Skol Vikings!

  8. Looks like the Chef will be serving up whoop ass for few years. He’s a playmaker and given the tone of his attitude when asked about it, I was pretty certain a deal would get done this week. The O line is average maybe below but sometimes thats all an offense needs when you have an explosive talent like Cookie.

  9. Great contract for the team and Cook (especially compared to what Kamara got). He’s a playmaker and the Vikings offense runs through him. SKOL

  10. Congratulations Viking fans, I think you got what you were all hoping for.
    And I’m Honestly happy for you guys.
    I guess we’ll end up seeing who this contract truly ends up benefiting.

  11. Good player but dang thats risky. Im all for paying RBs. I believe Kamara McCaffrey and Zeke all should have and deservingly got paid considering how much they mean to the team but when you have a rb even as good as he is who has been injured all his career, its not very wise to dig deep in the pockets. I know its not fair but at the end of the day it’s a business decision. They should of drafted one and traded cooks while he still has some value

  12. I’m happy for Cook as a person but as a fan of the team I wouldn’t have been too disappointed if he had played out the last year of the contract before sorting something out given his injury history.

  13. I’ll be interested to see the details of when the Vikings can get out of the contract with minimal dead money. With a running back, these deals are usually not as long-term as they initially seem.

  14. chickensalad43 says:
    September 12, 2020 at 1:06 pm
    Good for the Bears. He is a complete non-factor against that D.


    Teams tend to resign good draft picks… poorly ran teams with bad rosters need to trace for a journeyman backup QBs like Foles to paper over terrible draft choices

  15. chickensalad43 says:
    September 12, 2020 at 1:06 pm
    Good for the Bears. He is a complete non-factor against that D.
    Thank goodness they took Trubisky instead of Mahomes… that mistake will keep them at the bottom of the NFCN for years to come

  16. Good for him…this is a guy who I believe has yet to play a 16 game season and he got paid. Like I said, good for him, and hopefully he can stay healthy. Mattison behind him is a beast in his own right.

  17. Year three Speilman trades him for a 2 and 5 picks. Just the way it works with them. Get big value both ways. Trade someone who has value and reload. Smart.

  18. Alan Light says:
    September 12, 2020 at 12:35 pm
    Amazing how players for the Vikings take less than market value to stay with a World Class organization.

    WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME’? One good year out of 3, the Vikings got fleeced BIG TIME, Cook isn’t a $8mil/yr guy with all of the missed time he’s had, a fool and their money are soon parted!

  19. With the cap rumored to be at possibly $175 million next year, I don’t know what to make up of the current extensions.

    I’m not sure the Packers should pay any of Bakhtiari, Aaron Jones, King or Linsley actual worth…market value chewsup so much of the cap, before 10-12% possible reduction.
    Early schedule before bye is tough enough, hopefully, to allow the Pack to make quick conclusions. Unless a much improved squad is evident, I’d rather they deal and quick reload rather than pay out Fair Top Value even to studs like Bak and the best Aaron. It would be painful, but would allow a draft influx that could grow up (or not) together.

    Enough about the Packers on a Vikings thread. When healthy, Cook is probably worth this amount. But Zim better spell him more with Mattison, last year he rode Cook to hard around mid season. In my opinion.

    Next may sound like trolling, but is sincere. I like this extension better than any of the previous big 3 (Cousins, Zimmer, Spielman). Much like the Pack maybe should, I think the Vikings may well have been better reloading than pursuing. Commitment to Cousins twice more for less than $10 million cap flex this year felt like chasing… Not sure about Zim, but I think he will forever be dependent on people he doesn’t totally trust (on the offensive side of the ball). I am sure about Spielman, and honestly don’t think his good reputation has shown much been since the 13-3 year. My opinions only.

    Hope the players, yours and mine, stay healthy. And hope this is the last Fall Covid and wildfires seem so unmanageable. Good Luck.

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