Adrian Peterson to D’Andre Swift: Don’t let drop linger

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The Lions blew a 23-6 lead in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 27-23 loss to the Bears, but they had a chance to win before time expired.

Their best shot at pulling out the victory came on a pass from Matthew Stafford to rookie running back D'Andre Swift in the end zone. Swift couldn’t make the catch and the game ended after another incompletion.

Head coach Matt Patricia walked up the tunnel with his arm around the second-round pick and veteran Adrian Peterson shared his message to his backfield mate.

“I just pulled him to the side and told him, ‘Hey, it’s all about how you respond to this. Don’t let this get you down,'” Peterson said, via the team’s website. “I can imagine how he feels in that situation, how he must feel. But at the end of the day, what he showed me today, is that he’s going to be able to help us. He’s going to win games for us going into the season. Just keep your head up, man. We have 15 more, and at the end of the day, do not let this bother you. Do not let this linger.”

Stafford noted his own turnover while saying that there were “so many plays in this game that caused it to go the way that it went.” After losing eight times when leading or tied in the fourth quarter last season, the Lions need to find a way to eliminate all of those plays in the future.

10 responses to “Adrian Peterson to D’Andre Swift: Don’t let drop linger

  1. Adrian Peterson: “I can imagine how he feels in that situation, how he must feel”

    You can do a lot more than just “imagine.” You fumbled away an NFC Championship game and a Super Bowl berth for the Vikings.
    The voice of experience.

  2. Stop coddling these guys, their making millions over their 4yr rookie deal, time to take the kiddie gloves off, RIDE THEIR ASS WHEN THEY DROP A BALL!

  3. Jerry Rice dropped several TD passes his rookie year that were just as bad as the drop by Swift. Things ended up working out alright. Bill Walsh didn’t panic. Joe Montana kept throwing to him.

  4. Lions. – snatching defeat from victory, again and still.

    Perfecting new ways to lose and living down to all expectations.

    Well done Martha, Quinn, Patricia – there is something to be said for incredible season consistency.

  5. Good locker room leadership by AP, as good as he was on the field, the knowledge and benefit of his experience will serve the Lions RB room just as much

  6. Swift choked, but why was he in that situation? Why weren’t they feeding AP the ball the entire game? Isn’t that why they signed him? I thought the issue with the Lions was they can’t run the ball. AP had decent numbers yesterday. I’ve always thought you lean into your running game when you want to chew time off the clock. If they’re giving AP the ball, Stafford doesn’t throw the INT, and the Lions win.

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