Air quality may keep 49ers RB Tevin Coleman from playing

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The NFL seems to be prepared to let the Cardinals-49ers game proceed despite air quality that is less than ideal, but that isn’t in the unacceptable range. However, 49ers running back Tevin Coleman may miss the game, due to his own personal health situation.

Coleman has sickle cell disease. The team is letting Coleman decide whether he is comfortable playing.

The 49ers kept Coleman out of practice on Friday as a precuation.

“I know when [the Air Quality Index] is up to 150, that’s when it can affect some people with different conditions,” coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters. “So that’s something that Tevin, it’ll be a personal decision when he gets there. It’s not just an automatic ‘no.’ Similar to when you play in high altitude and stuff like that, it’s not an automatic ‘no.’ That’s stuff you’ve got to discuss with the doctor and be comfortable with, dealing with oxygen tanks and things there can help, but talking to Tevin, I’ve been through some situations with him before, dealing with things like playing in Denver and stuff. Tevin will do what’s right for him, what’s safe. I know he’s going to want to play extremely hard and be out there. I know that it kills him not to be, but I also know Tevin will make the right decision. I know our doctors will help him with that.”

Coleman has not yet made a final decision. He’ll do so before the inactives are due, at 2:55 p.m. ET. The Air Quality Index currently is 172 in Santa Clara.