Frank Reich takes a knee during the national anthem

Getty Images

Three years ago, the Vice President stormed out of a Colts home game because some players were kneeling during the anthem. Today, the head coach of the Colts kneeled during the anthem.

Frank Reich, third-year coach of the team, made the gesture before the Week One game at Jacksonville.

The Colts also issued a statement making it clear that they were not protesting the flag, the anthem, or “the men and women who wear the uniform.”

“The timing of this action is meant to highlight that the presence, power, and oppression of racism remains inconsistent with the unity and freedom of what it means to be an American,” the statement explains.

as to kneeling, the statement explains that “it is not a posture of defiance but rather one of humility — taken by the white community — to acknowledge the injustice and inequality that is present,and to find the courage and resolve to make the changs needed.”

The statement concludes with this message: “We will not be silent. We will not be naturral. We will not be passive.”