Jamal Adams: I’m not used to seeing my offense score 38 points

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Safety Jamal Adams turned in a game like we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from him in his Seahawks debut, but Adams said he still experienced something new.

Adams led the team with 12 tackles, notched a sack and had two tackles for loss in a 38-25 win. None what Adams had to adjust to was on the defensive side, however.

It was the fact that the offense led by quarterback Russell Wilson put up that many points. It wasn’t something that happened a lot when Adams was with the Jets.

“I’m not used to it, it’s exciting,” Adams said.

Adams’ former team had a dreadful offensive day against the Bills in a 27-17 loss and he found another way to zing a member of the Jets. Adams said he wasn’t bored while filling the stat sheet, which was a reference to Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ comments after Adams was traded to Seattle this year.