Ravens rout Browns 38-6 as Lamar Jackson does Lamar Jackson things

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For everyone who already has the Chiefs repeating as Super Bowl champions and Patrick Mahomes regaining his league MVP award, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens said, “Don’t forget about us.”

The Ravens, who were an AFC-best 14-2 last season, dominated the Browns from start to finish, winning 38-6 to spoil Kevin Stefanski’s Cleveland debut. It marked the 16th consecutive season the Browns have opened with a loss.

Jackson completed 20 of 25 passes for 275 yards and three touchdowns for a near-perfect pass rating of 152.1. He also ran for a team-leading 45 yards on seven carries before Robert Griffin III finished up the game in the fourth quarter.

The Ravens gained 403 yards.

Hollywood Brown caught five passes for 101 yards, all coming in the first half as the Ravens built a 24-6 halftime lead. Tight end Mark Andrews caught two touchdown passes and rookie J.K. Dobbins had two touchdown runs.

The Browns shot themselves in the foot with three turnovers, a missed extra point, a missed field goal, a botched fake punt and eight penalties.

Baker Mayfield was 21-of-39 for 189 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He was sacked twice. Odell Beckham caught only three passes for 22 yards, while Jarvis Landry had five for 61.

23 responses to “Ravens rout Browns 38-6 as Lamar Jackson does Lamar Jackson things

  1. I get it, new staff, young team with a bunch of defensive injuries but not even competitive. It’s hard to be a Browns fan.

  2. I used to wonder if the Browns would ever be good again in my lifetime. That question has now been answered. Now I have a new question. Will they ever be good in my grandchildren’s lifetime?

  3. Hold on Lamar before that head swells anymore you guys just beat the Browns…..at least the Chiefs spanked a team thats been to the playoffs the last 3 years.

  4. Lamar Jackson is here to stay the haters going bring up playoffs but it takes a team to win football games point proven Jimmy G beat Arod East while only having 88 total yards wins and losses is not a WB stat but a team stat.

  5. nite2al says:

    Don’t matter. For Lamar, unless you win SB, you get credit for nothing.


    The cynic in me suspects that Lamar could win a Super Bowl and be MVP of the game, but his critics will still say he’ll regress and won’t have a long shelf life.

  6. Can’t wait for the Steelers to play the Browns. That team looked battered and beaten by the start of the 3rd quarter. Get ready Ravens. Big Ben is back with a 6 pack of Iron City in his gut and two Primanti Brothers sandwiches marinating in it. That’s all the off season “training” he needs to show you what being an MVP really means.

  7. Cleveland Browns i just went to the restaurant to laugh, come on where’s all the criticism. Everyone sure had alot for Freddie, where is it now??

  8. yinzerssuck says:
    September 13, 2020 at 5:26 pm

    Can’t wait for the Steelers to play the Browns
    Of course, because the sorry ass Steelers couldn’t even beat the Raven’s 3rd stringers with the playoffs on the line. Joke of a team, cheerleader coach. 7-9 Steelers gonna get SMACKED when they play the Ravens

  9. nite2al says:
    For Lamar, unless you win SB, you get credit for nothing.

    He doesn’t have to win a Super Bowl to get a little credit. He was voted league MVP, after all.
    But if he wants to be thought of as more than just a regular-season warrior he’ll have to put a team on his back and win at least one playoff game. Even a wild card game would be a start.
    It’s not as if he isn’t surrounded by a fair amount of talent.

  10. It’s been all down hill for Mayfield and the Browns since the time they came out in the first quarter against the Washington Football Team in the first preseason game a few years running no huddle scoring a touchdown and celebrating like it was a winning Super Bowl drive …

  11. Lamar’s High School style will get them nowhere. He’s a running back with an awful throwing motion.

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