Report: Bears made an offer to Tom Brady

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Instead of playing his first game as a non-Patriot in the place where he won his first Super Bowl, Tom Brady could have been playing his first game in the state where he went to college.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Bears made an offer to Brady during his first foray into free agency. If Brady had landed in Chicago, Mitchell Trubisky surely wouldn’t have won the starting job for today’s opener at the Lions.

Rapoport adds that the Saints had interest in Brady, until Drew Brees decided to return for at least one more year. That would have been an intriguing destination; the greatest quarterback of all times would have joined forces with one of the all-time greatest offensive masterminds.

That’s not the end of the list of interested teams, however. As Rapoport notes, Brady ultimately chose the Buccaneers over the Chargers. It’s also well known that Brady had reached out to the 49ers, who considered him before deciding to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo.

Also, Brady had interest in the Colts. The Colts gently rebuffed him because, at the time, they wanted only a one-year stopgap. (They still may be keeping Philip Rivers for only one year, even though he has expressed interest in more than that.) It’s also possible that the Colts wanted to avoid a situation in which they believed they’d be signing a key member of the Patriots organization, only to have the Patriots intervene at the eleventh hour to keep him from going to Indianapolis, Josh McDaniels style.

However it played out, Brady will be playing for the Buccaneers today, and it will be strange to see him in anything but New England’s red, white, and blue.

18 responses to “Report: Bears made an offer to Tom Brady

  1. Why does Ryan Pace still have a job? Every success of Patrick Mahomes digs the knife a little farther in the collective gut of Bear fans. The franchise is cursed at QB

  2. Ryan Pace must have played a lot of Madden franchise mode as a kid, because he runs his team like he’s playing a game.

  3. Brady was close to signing, but then realized that an open QB competition with the great Mitch Trubisky wouldn’t have worked out in his favor.

  4. Why does Ryan Pace still have a job? Every success of Patrick Mahomes digs the knife a little farther in the collective gut of Bear fans. The franchise is cursed at QB

    Dont forget Watson! Basically traded up when he couldve traded down and had two better options. That draft actually went well for him but he whiffed on the pick that mattered the most.

  5. Bears fans gotta stop killing themselves over Mahomes. Teams pass of great players in the draft all the time. Mahomes is special, and I’m glad he’s with us, but damn, the Bears are getting all the crap for this one when 11 teams total passed on him. And it could have been more if the Chiefs and saints where further down in the draft order. Saints seemed to be the only other team keeping a good eye on him, ready to grab him.

  6. Given the taxes of living in Chicago vs. income tax free Florida they would have had to offer him a lot more money just to allow him to clear the same amount once the government took their cut!

  7. Ryan Pace is a total incompetant. Period. Lets bring in a bunch of washed up players from New Orleans. that’s all he knows how to do. Looser.

  8. Playing Itchy Mitchy is sheer insanity: repeating the same scenario of starting him and expecting a different result.

    Before signing Foles, let us not forget they failed to sign Bridgewater, Newton, and Rivers. Using the pandemic is a weak excuse because those guys managed to sign with other teams. The Bears will never succeed on offense until they sign a bona fide QB and surround the guy with some playmakers.

    Time for QB #42 in the last 25 years to step in and drive this team to mediocrity.

  9. Since the ’85 Bears season there were only FOUR seasons a QB started all 16 games and the QB names are Jim Harbaugh, Eric Kramer, Rex Grossman, and Jay Cutler.

    For 35 years, only 4 seasons a QB had started 16 games. What’s up with that?!

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