Steve Bisciotti: “We respect and support our players’ right to protest peacefully”

Getty Images

In 2017, the Ravens decided not to pursue quarterback Colin Kaepernick due in part to the anticipated customer reaction. In 2020, the Ravens have decided to ignore any potential customer reaction, and to support the ability of players to protest during the national anthem after many of them did.

“We respect and support our players’ right to protest peacefully,” owner Steve Bisciotti said in a statement. “This was a demonstration for justice and equality for all Americans. These are core values we can all support.

“This was not a protest against our country, the military or the flag. Our players remain dedicated to uplifting their communities and making America better. They have proven this through substantive action. They are committed to using their platform to drive positive change, and we support their efforts.”

Via Jamison Hensley of, “A majority of the Ravens were kneeling during the national anthem, including QB Lamar Jackson. Gus Edwards, Willie Snead and Miles Boykin stood with arms interlocked. Others, including many of the offensive linemen, sat on the bench.”