Trubisky leads comeback as Bears stun Lions

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Mitchell Trubisky continues to own Matt Patricia’s defense.

Trubisky, the much-maligned Bears quarterback, never gets maligned when he goes against the Lions. In four games against the Lions since Patricia became Detroit’s coach, Trubisky has completed 88 of 127 passes for 1,108 yards, with 12 touchdowns and one interception. The Bears have won all four games.

That includes today’s dramatic comeback, when the Bears got off to a very slow start and appeared poised to lose, before a dramatic three-touchdown fourth quarter led Chicago to a 27-23 win. Today Trubisky completed 20 of 36 passes for 242 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Adrian Peterson was a bright spot for the Lions, carrying 14 times for 93 yards. The Lions probably should have given him the ball even more, including late in the fourth quarter, when a Matthew Stafford pass was intercepted by Kyle Fuller, in the single most important play to the Bears’ comeback.

Even after falling behind, the Lions had a chance to come back, and Lions rookie running back D'Andre Swift appeared to have a game-winning touchdown pass in his hands with just seconds to play. But he couldn’t hold on, and the Lions lost.

In what figures to be a competitive NFC North, this game will be one that the Lions look back on and shake their heads at what could have been. And it may just be the game that saved Trubisky’s job.

42 responses to “Trubisky leads comeback as Bears stun Lions

  1. Fire Patricia immediately. The scared play calling on offense playing not to lose and the defensive collapses are sickening. It’s the Lions I wasn’t expecting a Super Bowl run but good lord how many 4th quarter collapses are we going to watch before this guy gets bounced?

  2. The Lions secondary was getting scorched and the pass rush did very little. The fourth quarter loss was on Matty P and the Defense.

  3. Nothing stunning about the outcome. You still have Ford ownership, Patricia head coach, and same losing culture. The whole organization should be disbanded. Sick of supporting this joke for 60 years…….

  4. Good for Mitch Hey Bears does this mean you no longer have a need fo Foles? Just asking for a Friend.

  5. Matt Stafford looked like he threw the game winning TD, but the receiver simply dropped the ball in the end zone.
    Stafford is one of the hard luck QB’s in the NFL. The Lions should won the game.

  6. I’m not one to rush to judgment, but Patricia needs results this year. He keeps bringing in Patriots cast-offs expecting the team to become the Patriots.

    Needs to take that #2 Ticonderoga out and write up a functional game plan.

  7. Great job by Trubisky. Same old Lions. Some things just never change but the excuses we’ll get by their fan base should be entertaining.

  8. Same old Lions, same old lucky Bears. Same old boring commentators gushing about Trubisky. The only things that have changed are no real fans and fake noise.

  9. Doesn’t help when your 3 starting CB’s aren’t playing, but that drop by Swift is inexcusable. Can’t be too surprised though, we should be used to it as Lions fans.

  10. I feel sorry for that poor Lions rookie that droped that pass at the end. The Bears got way lucky. period

  11. Swift will get the blame while Stafford always gets a pass but the reality is he threw a key 4th quarter pick on a very ill advised pass.

  12. Swift is young and will bounce back but no doubt he will be thinking about that play for quite some time.

    I know Detroit already likes him but catching the game winner would have endeared him to the fans like no other. That was a really tough catch to make in real life. A lot harder than it looks on TV, however this is the NFL & players are expected to make those grabs.

  13. “Swift will get the blame while Stafford always gets a pass but the reality is he threw a key 4th quarter pick on a very ill advised pass.”


    He also put the ball dead on the hands of his receiver to win the game. And it was dropped.

  14. Congrats to Trubisky for leading that incredible comeback When your team gives up 3 TDs in the 4th quarter, that’s on your defense. Lions fans have to be sick of their team playing just good enough to lose – snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I didn’t see most of the game. People are saying Stafford threw a critical interception. TV switched to that game during the Lions final drive. Stafford put that ball right into Swift’s hands. He put the ball where it needed to be to win the game. It’s not his fault they lost. And Lions fans are used to losing like this.

  15. Not a Lions fan by any means, but look at Kareem Hunt on his very first pro carry – He fumbled! Didn’t do too bad after that (professionally speaking). I say to cut Swift a bit of slack. He’ll be feeling bad enough about the drop already. I’m sure he’ll come good in time. Just not against my Bears (heh, heh).

  16. as others have said Fatso needs to go Tonight and start over again. Terrible coach on many levels.

  17. The Bears passing game was awful the first 3 quarters. If I had been the coach, Folls would have started the second half.

  18. competitive NFC North
    The NFCN won’t be competitive. From what I saw today, the Packers will walk away with the title.

  19. Matt Patricia and week 1 big leads just don’t mix…See: 18-point blown lead at Arizona last year that they were lucky it ended in a tie.

  20. What a great win for the Bears who didn’t deserve it. Tough break with the Marion Barber like drop at the end of the game. Matt Patricia isn’t the problem. The problem is the proximity of Canada. #movethelionstoGary

  21. “I’m not one to rush to judgment, but Patricia needs results this year. ”

    He needed results LAST year. He inherited a 9-7 team. MAYBE you give him a pass for going 6-10 in his first season because he’s getting his schemes in place, etc. but how do you explain just 3 wins last year? Has any coach ever taken over a winning team and done this poorly and managed to turn it around? They’re already crashed on the side of the mountain and some people are still waiting to see if he can pull them out of the dive.

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