Vikings surrender most points ever in a season opener

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Yes, not having fans present creates a competitive disadvantage. Especially for teams that enjoy a significant advantage from having a loud, raucous home stadium.

The Vikings provided definitive proof of it on Sunday. With no fans at U.S. Bank Stadium to disrupt the Green Bay offense, Aaron Rodgers and company sliced and diced the Minnesota defense en route to 43 points.

As noted by Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, that’s the most points the Vikings have ever allowed in any season-opening game. It eclipses by one point the 42 allowed in Week One of the disastrous Les Steckel season of 1984.

The Vikings will try to improve ASAFP with a tour of the AFC South. They face the Colts, Titans, and Texans the next three weeks, before the seemingly annual trip to Seattle.

While the good news is that they won’t face Aaron Rodgers every week, the bad news is that they won’t have much if any of a home-field advantage this year to help their defense perhaps look better than it otherwise is.

25 responses to “Vikings surrender most points ever in a season opener

  1. The biggest difference among NFCN teams and their expectations for success remains to be Aaron Rodgers. Nothing has changed. .

  2. “Yes, not having fans present creates a competitive disadvantage.”

    no it doesn’t. It removes a competitive advantage but it doesn’t create a disadvantage.

  3. Can’t stop the run, can’t rush the passer, can’t defend the pass. Plus you have Kirk taking a safety and throwing a pick on consecutive drives. Lose every time doing that. 8-8 if they’re lucky.

  4. Either they have “names” only on D that used to be good or the Packers WRs and Rodgers are way better than Viking fans give them credit for – can’t have it both ways.

    It must suck to feel this hopeless after such (unjustified) high expectations going into 2020.

  5. The declining skills of Aaron Rodgers has been prematurely reported. The lack of wide receiver skills on the Packer’s has been prematurely reported. Either that, or the Vikings got taken to school. Class dismissed!

  6. Home teams went 8-6 so far in the openers. I don’t see that as being any different than what we should expect. Home field advantage isn’t much of an advantage. Having a better team than your oppo ent is an advantage. The Vikings aren’t as good as the Packers right now. Maybe that changes over the season, maybe it doesn’t. Time will tell.

  7. Rodgers picked the Vikings apart…no doubt about it. Still, you can’t go into an NFL game with Shamar Stephen, Jalyn Holmes and Jaleel Johnson as your starters. They can’t stop the run and zero pass rush. These guys wouldn’t even be on the 53man roster of a good defense, much less starting. The pass rush will get get better with Hunter coming back and Ngokoue at 100%. The DT position is a huge problem…there’s no solution on the roster. Michael Pierce opt out hosed this team.

  8. Keep telling Rodgers that his skills are declining and his time is running short.
    Keep telling the Packers that not drafting a receiver with their first pick was foolish.
    Keep telling the Packers that they only have one receiver worth his salt.
    Keep telling the Packers defense that their unit is horrendous.
    Keep piling chips on their shoulders.

    They’re listening.

  9. It should be noted that the 43 points were the highest total in Week 1 (so far)

    Yes, the Vikings defense is awful but let’s wait for the Colts to roll up 300 yards on the ground before we bury their chances for 2020.

  10. mnwhizzinator says:
    September 14, 2020 at 10:41 am

    Michael Pierce opt out hosed this team.


    Sorry so many things have hosed the Vikings. $20 million dead cap charges eroding depth. 3 years running up against the cap because the best cap guy in the business kept kicking the can down the road.

    Lack of preseason with 15 drafted rookies in tow, and no exhibition games to get the young ones up to speed. No crowd noise and mean ol’ Aarons cadence ability.

    But what’s really hosed the Vikings is the veteran talent drain without being replaced by draft. Joseph, Griffen definitely would have been useful yesterday. Waynes too.

    That and the ludicrous Cousins extension like a stone around your neck 5 seasons – yuck. Dude was getting Johnson and Jefferson lit up down the stretch. His scrambles start positive but he has no feel for sliding, and shouldn’t be exposed to any extra hits. Cousins needs too much protection from too many sources to take you next level. Aint happening.

  11. upnorthvikesfan says:
    September 13, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    Hard to believe that a Zimmer defense can look that bad.


    For the co-defensive coordinator Zimmer it’s the new normal. Head Coach Zimmer is mentally choosing between the kicker and the offensive coordinator. Again.

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