Will the Seahawks #LetRussCook?

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The hashtag was trending earlier this week. Whether it registered with the powers that be in Seattle will become evident today.

Back in January, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made clear his desire (during a visit with PFT Live) to get the offense cranking in the first three quarters of the game, instead of waiting until the fourth quarter to demonstrate real urgency. Wilson has reiterated that concept more recently.

And it’s not simply some casual preference. Wilson wants to do more. He can do more. He’s one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL, and he wants to be able to demonstrate that regularly — primarily since it makes his team more likely to win games.

Here’s the part that Seahawks fans hate to hear, so I’ll apologize in advance: If the Seahawks won’t #LetRussCook, he eventually will take his kitchen elsewhere. It’s that simple, and it’s (to use an industry term) dead-on balls accurate.

Wilson’s future in Seattle is tied in large part to whether the Seahawks let Wilson do what other great quarterbacks do. If they won’t, some other team is going to end up with a great quarterback, eventually.

14 responses to “Will the Seahawks #LetRussCook?

  1. Pete’s the best coach in team history but he’s also stubborn and likes a conservative offense. He’ll run his backs into a brick wall to establish the run and every coach knows it. Especually Quinn. I wish he would come out passing and catch teams off guard but i don’t expect it even with all the pass catchers we have right now. Metcalf, Lockett, Dissly and Olsen with DeeJay catching balls out of the backfield. Only in Madden sadly

  2. Its all about making adjustments early or changing up the game plan. There are teams that load the the box and Pete will still have the OC running into that loaded box for 2 downs no yards. Then let Russ try convert a 3rd and long.

    Sometimes there running wears down the defense but sometimes it leaves them in dog fight with a less talented team.

  3. I sure hope they let him turn it loose. He’s my starting qb in fantasy. Now, let’s focus on getting him a better nickname. Dangerruss is top level cornball stuff.

  4. He wants to run the ball more so he can lead the team in rushing. Then he’ll go back and ask for more $50M/yr.

  5. Russell does more with less pass attempts than any qb maybe ever. If they ever do let him cook he finally will have the MVP stats needed. It’s hard to argue against Pete’s philosophy though. In Russell’s 8 seasons the hawks have never had a losing record and it includes 2 super bowl appearances and one Super Bowl victory. Hard to be mad at that kind of consistency.

  6. Russell Wilson is 9-for-9 for 86 yards and two TDs in the first quarter at Atlanta.
    Not a huge sample, but he certainly seems to be cooking thus far.

  7. The real question is whether Wilson can actually do what the truly great quarterbacks can do, or is he just an MVP wannabe. Wilson will never be mistaken as another Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or even Andrew Luck.

  8. Wilson vs. Luck : (Stats through 2019 season)

    Total Passing yards
    Wilson 29,374
    Luck 23,671

    TD – INT

    Wilson 227 – 68
    Luck 171 – 83

    Completion %

    Wilson 65
    Luck 61

    Wilson has made the playoffs every season, gone to 2 Super Bowls and won 1.
    Luck made the playoffs in 4 of his 7 seasons and made it to 1 afc championship and lost. So yes he would never be mistaken for Andrew Luck because he is clearly way better and more accomplished than him.

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