With Ron Rivera getting halftime IV, Dwayne Haskins gave halftime speech

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Soon after taking the head coaching job in Washington, Ron Rivera challenged quarterback Dwayne Haskins to become a better leader this season.

Haskins stepped up and delivered Sunday.

Rivera, who is undergoing cancer treatment for squamous cell carcinoma, needed intravenous therapy at halftime. So with Washington trailing Philadelphia 17-7 at intermission, it was Haskins who provided the needed motivation for the second half.

“Apparently Dwayne stepped up, and it was a pretty raucous one from what I heard,” Rivera said of Haskins’ speech, via JP Finlay of NBCSportsWashington.com.

Haskins, voted a team captain this season, helped his team rally for an improbable 27-17 victory.

“He just basically got everybody riled up and put everyone on his back,” cornerback Fabian Moreau said. “Like a leader, he stepped up and gave a speech and everyone felt it, it was strong and it helped us.”

4 responses to “With Ron Rivera getting halftime IV, Dwayne Haskins gave halftime speech

  1. Didn’t think much of Haskins at OSU.
    Thought Washington made a stretch in picking him.
    Thought for sure Alex Smith would beat him out as the starter.
    By halftime, I thought Philly was going to smoke Washington.

    Keep proving me wrong, young man. Good for you for stepping up and being the leader this team desperately needs.

  2. More hype than truth. He didn’t lead at all. He could not do anything with more than 48 yards to go to score. He had a charity day – a welfare day where he had short fields on his td “drives” and could not do anything but punt when not given a short field. He is lucky the opposing offense was fragile because this game had the trappings of being a Haskins-Robbins funeral. This team is not good at all and there aren’t many cupcakes left to beat. Soon this team will assume its level of mediocrity and Haskins-Robbins will be a sorry excuse for a first round pick.

  3. Looks like a “former fan” is still weighing in with nonsense. Haskins looked as solid as he could with all the difficulties surrounding this thoroughly maligned franchise. Moving forward, there’s a lot to like with new leadership and competent coaching currently directing this franchise, maybe even winning this relatively weak division and rewarding some long dedicated fans, of which I’m not.

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