Aldon Smith has a big night in his first game in nearly five years

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So much for the narrative that football players who have missed multiple seasons of football can’t contribute.

Cowboys defensive end Aldon Smith made an impressive return to the NFL, nearly five years — FIVE YEARS — since his last game.

According to the official NFL Game Summary, Smith participated in 54 snaps, 74 percent of the total for the Dallas defense. He had six solo tackles, five assists, one tackle for loss, one sack, and two quarterback pressures.

Smith started his career with 42 sacks in 43 regular-season games from 2011 through 2013. Now, seven years later, he has one sack in one game, without the benefit of preseason.

“Once he gets in game shape he will be dangerous,” a source close to Smith said.

Smith already is. And it’s already a great story of redemption for a player whose ability to overcome adversity should inspire all.

9 responses to “Aldon Smith has a big night in his first game in nearly five years

  1. I dislike the Cowboys very much. However I hope this guy stays clean, There no denying he’s a heck of a Talent.

  2. Good for him. The young man never gave up and is now getting another chance to prove himself. Hopefully he stays the course because everyone always knew he was a talented football player.

  3. It’s nice to see him back playing again, however i am happier that he appears to have his life straightened out now which is the more important thing.
    Go ahead and put a thumbs down to this to all the clowns who don’t know what a heart is.

  4. Hate the Cowboys, but I like Smith’s storyline . . . good to see a real redemption arc in real life instead of just a tv storyline. I hope the Cowboys continue to lose but Smith continues with his success.

    Also it leaves a foul taste in my mouth, but I have to give Jerra Jones credit for seeing the value of providing Smith with a second chance.

  5. Yes, but Aldon Smith always had STAR POWER TALENT. He was a bit crazy but he had crazy TALENT. The other guys is still crazy too but . . . ummm, talent? Nope.

  6. Insane how much talent this guy has. It’s apparent he was throwing away a lot of money by not getting it together sooner. He could have been a premier pass rusher and gotten paid like it if he didn’t have all the problems with alcohol. Goes to show you that just because it is legal, alcohol can be the most destructive drug that exists.

  7. kuehnobservations says:
    September 14, 2020 at 11:21 am
    But Kaepernick can’t come back and play because of how long he’s been out of football…
    Kaep can come back and play. The problem is that he’s not very good. He’s OK, but he won’t play for “OK” money. Also, to play QB at a high level in the NFL, a guy has to be totally committed to his team and to putting in the time and work it takes. He’s far too distracted to be trusted to do that.

  8. It seems a little silly to call his situation adversity. Typically adversity is something outside your control, whereas this guy had multiple very odd/dangerous situations surrounding him, one involving a hit and run and another involving illegal weapons. Not to mention that he had 3 DUIs in a very small window.

    I loved the guy at SF, but don’t act like this hole was dug by someone else.

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