Brian Flores confirms Ryan Fitzpatrick remains the starter


When Dolphins head coach Brian Flores met with reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Patriots, he didn’t sound like he was planning a quarterback change.

He confirmed as much on Monday. Flores said that Ryan Fitzpatrick will remain the team’s starter when they face the Bills next Sunday.

Fitzpatrick was 20-of-30 for 191 yards and three interceptions in the 21-11 loss to New England. Flores said after the game that Fitzpatrick put some drives together, but there were “just too many turnovers at the end of the day.”

There’s no arguing that point, but it would have been quite surprising for the Dolphins to make a change one game into the season. They felt Fitzpatrick was the right choice over Tua Tagovailoa coming into the season despite the veteran’s shortcomings and reversing that call so quickly wouldn’t provide much faith in the people making the decisions.

22 responses to “Brian Flores confirms Ryan Fitzpatrick remains the starter

  1. Every time he is named as the starting QB in his 2nd year with a team, he was always benched mid way through. This year will be no exception.
    Not to mention, hiring Chan Gailey as the OC was a huge mistake,

  2. Tua will play when it makes sense for Tua to play. Miami won’t base their decision on the wildly inconsistent Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Stick to the plan coach and don’t listen to ANYONE. Fans don’t have the patience to make big boy decisions.

  3. A defense that played poorly on Sunday and a QB that threw 3 interceptions. Why fix it by making changes when you can keep doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result? That’s how the Dolphins roll

  4. Finally! We Pats fans get to see the Fitzpatrick all other teams face. He seems to always play his best football against New England. Until now.

  5. You’d be doing a disservice to Tua by throwing him in there now. Let him learn a bit and let Fitz take the lumps while the rest of the team (hopefully) improves. No need to get the kid killed in week 2 of what will be a developmental season.

  6. Fitz entire career is about being hot or cold. Three picks with no TDs one week. Three TDs with no picks another week. Good man and a great journeyman career, but he is who he is.

  7. The right call. With their schedule and the fact they have no defense, o-line or running game, they are going nowhere. There was no “real” training camp and no preseason, and Tua coming off an injury, no need to rush him. The people that were picking Miami for the division title, simply aren’t paying attention.

  8. The Patriots defense is very good. Sometimes sick-with-it, depending on the day and opponent. Always well coached. Sometimes, cheating, lol.

    Getting stomped by the Pats isn’t a reason to do something drastic.

    Miami is still rebuilding. Fitz is the right guys / mentor to bridge to Tua. Do this the right way.

  9. All this about Fitz and NOBODY… EVER… BOTHERS… to notice that he almost ALWAYS has played on teams with poor defenses where he has to constantly do too much to try to keep his team in it.

    Which he does at least HALF of the time.

    I really wish I could see this guy on a team that has a decent defense and he didn’t have to try to carry the team.

  10. tb12bestqbevah says:

    September 14, 2020 at 2:38 pm
    Finally! We Pats fans get to see the Fitzpatrick all other teams face. He seems to always play his best football against New England. Until now.


    Remember last year the Patriots demolished the dolphins in their first meeting…. Fitzpatrick has one more opportunity.

  11. I hate liking Miami’s coach and QB. Can we please ship Gase and Tannehill back? Or Marino and Shula?
    . . . Shula? Really? AWKWARD!

  12. Don’t get too carried away after one game. There was no pre-season. A lot of QB’s were off their game.

  13. Fitz had a bad game but I’m cutting him a break this week for the personal issues he had leading up to this game. The real problem was the defense not able to stop the run and the offense not able to run. That was ugly and it started from the opening bell. From what I saw Fins will have trouble not going 0-3 to start the season.

  14. It’s nice to see the Dolphins have somebody competent coaching them. He may not work out but he’s definitely not an idiot

  15. Fitz had a bad game, but he really had only one interception that was on him and yeah, it was horrendous. The first one, his receiver, Preston Williams fell before the ball got there and the third one late in the game was a pass interference that wasn’t called (what else would you expect in Foxboro?). The Dolphins defensive line lost the game, not Fitz. They got pushed around all day. It’s too early for “ Time”. The Dolphins aren’t a playoff caliber team, so why put him in now just to see his head spin and possibly get re-injured. Remember, he lost valuable mini-camp, OTA’s and preseason games.

  16. it will be Tua Time when, and if, the Dolphins’ playoff hopes are dashed; the fish actually have a good team that played a team in week 1 that just makes other teams look bad

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