Brian Flores: Ryan Fitzpatrick had “some spurts,” but we can’t turn ball over

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The Dolphins drafted quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick in April and his presence guarantees there will be thoughts about when he’ll move into a starting role until the moment it happens.

Such thoughts will be greater on days when the Dolphins lose and/or Ryan Fitzpatrick plays poorly. The Dolphins lost 21-11 to the Patriots on Sunday and Fitzpatrick was picked off three times, which didn’t lead to a question about a quarterback change but did lead head coach Brian Flores to say that’s not a recipe for success over the long term.

“Had some spurts there where we’re moving the ball, but obviously with turnovers, those are huge,” Flores said in his postgame press conference. “I mean, we talk about that a lot as a team. It’s tough to win when you turn the ball over. But I do think he had some, put some drives together. We need to finish the one. Just too many turnovers at the end of the day.”

Fitzpatrick said “you can’t do that and win games” in reference to the kind of turnovers that have always been part of the package for the veteran quarterback. If they continue to outweigh the good things, talk of turning to Tagovailoa will likely heat up.

8 responses to “Brian Flores: Ryan Fitzpatrick had “some spurts,” but we can’t turn ball over

  1. Fitz was flat out bad, i know he has a cult following for some insane reason but there’s a reason he’s been on 9 different teams in his career.

    Enough of the charade, start Tua, we have nothing to lose!

  2. My worry about Fitzpatrick is his history. He has a tendency to follow up a really good season with a stinker. He did it in New York, and he did it in Tampa Bay. He had a good year for the Fins last year, and now this first game was kind of a bust. Thankfully, the #5 pick in the draft is sitting behind him. I think there will be little room for error. Next week, it doesn’t get any easier against the Bills.

  3. Fitzpatrick’s entire career is full of him throwing interceptions at inopportune moments. Why do the Dolphins expect anything different? If they think they’re going anywhere with Fitz at QB, then they’re delusional. The only thing that matters right now is developing Tagovailoa for the future.

  4. How about the receivers not getting any separation?? Preston Williams fell down on one of them and then was out muscled by a smaller Gilmore for the other. What’s worse is when he was finally open…he fell down again.

  5. Funny, but I seem to remember the first poster guaranteeing a Miami win ! Now, he’s bad mouthing his starting QB? As we say in New England that’s “wicked funny”!

  6. “Enough of the charade, start Tua, we have nothing to lose!”

    I thought they were holding Tua back for at least another few weeks more to make sure he had healed well and the injured area was rock solid again?

    Not to mention giving him a few games to see the pro game up close and get used to the speed compared to college.

  7. What’s funny is that a small group of ex-fins fans told the other fins fans that you can’t win by tanking. News Flash-if you put Tua behind that line with no weapons he will be injured by week 5. Have fun fins fans.

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